Why store food

One hundred years ago most people lived in or close to farming communities.  Most had a garden or raised a few chickens.  You bought your staples in larger quantities. Many people had root cellars.   Milk, eggs, and fresh vegetables were produced in your neighborhood. If a natural disaster or other emergency occurred you could live off what you had for an extended period.  This was a type of food insurance.

Fifty years ago, many of us had moved into more urban environments.  However most people had heard stories about or lived during the great depression and World War 2 rationing.  They stored extra food.  Grocery stores only received a new shipment about once a week or so and kept a large supply room.

Today that has all changed most business including grocery stores are on a  “JUST in TIME” delivery schedule.  This is a way of saving money by having a minimal amount of stock.  An accurate computer inventory is maintained and products are ordered as needed.  Most grocery stores receive deliveries every day. The old fashioned stock room is gone.  What you see on the shelf is it.

Most people only keep a minimum amount of food at home and go to the store almost every day.  In a real emergency the stores would be cleaned out in matter of hours.  Without a resupply a lot of people would go hungry.

The “JUST in TIME” delivery method applies to almost every type of business today including gas stations.

This country has been blessed with long period of relatively good times, from the end of World War 2 to now.  While we have been involved in military actions they have not involved the home front to a large extent.  Many of the younger members of our society have never been hungry or had to worry about where their next meal is coming from.  It is easy to run down to the store every day.  Why store food, it’s too hard, takes up room, nothing is going to happen, I can’t be bothered.  These are all reason that I have heard for not storing food.

Remember Katrina and how slow the government response was.  FEMA, local governments and the Red Cross all tell you to store some food.  They have been saying for years that in a large emergency it would take the government several days to respond.  Don’t believe them it could take weeks or months.

In today’s world with all the potential for terrorism, nuclear and otherwise the possibility of disaster on a here to unknown scale exists.  Store food and water, it is cheap insurance.  We will talk about how much food you need to store in a later post.

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