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22 Uses for Plastic Trash Bags for Preppers

  1. plastic trash bags

    Staying dry in a trash bag, I carry black in my packs

    Plastic trash bags can make good emergency rain gear. Simply tear a hole in the bottom for your head to stick out and two holes in the side for your arms.  If you have duct tape you can use it to reinforce the bags around the holes.

  2. If you have to build a lean to shelter trash bags can provide waterproofing for the roof.
  3. You can make improvised foot wear out of plastic trash bags. Step into the trash bag with your stocking feet and then put your shoes on. 
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14 Things to Consider When Sheltering in Place or Bugging In

bugging inI believe that for many of us sheltering in place or bugging in will be the best choice.  The only way in which I will leave my property is when it becomes more dangerous to stay than leave.  Now that doesn’t mean that I won’t have a plan B.  But if possible, I plan on bugging in.  I know the area well, I have family and friends close by that will help and it would be hard to duplicate what I have here in a second location.  I suspect the same thing applies to most of us.

I have spent some time thinking about what you have to plan for when bugging in, and have broke it down into 14 separate areas. …

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Waterproofing for Tents, Clothing and Shoes, Making Your Own


The right 1/2 of this cap has been waterproofed

For many years, oilcloth was used for waterproofing clothes, tents and even for covering pioneers wagons.  You can still buy oilcloth clothing and some members of my family wear it and love it for rainy weather.  Oilcloth, also known as enameled cloth or (in England) American cloth, was close-woven cotton duck or linen cloth (canvas) with a coating of boiled linseed oil.  It was one of very few flexible, waterproof materials that were widely available.  Oilcloth was used as an outer waterproof layer for clothing, luggage and many other uses.

Now recently I have been looking into how to make your own waterproofing materials. …

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Tornado Shelters, Why you May Want to Consider Getting One

tornado shelters

Here is a underground tornado shelter being installed

I have been doing some research on tornado shelters (storm cellars) and their availability and cost.  Since we don’t get many tornados in the area where I live, they have been off my radar until now.  Now that I have looked at them, I am impressed with what I found available.  There are many reputable companies that are manufacturing and selling them.  They came in all sizes and shapes and are readily available in many areas of the country.

They are available in both aboveground and underground designs.  Personally, I would prefer an underground one. …

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Choosing A Good Sleeping Bag for After TEOTWAWKI

sleeping bag

U.S. Army sleep system

These last few days I have being giving some thoughts to sleeping bags.  Now whether you bug in or bug out, a sleeping bag can be your best friend in winter.  If you are stuck in a cold home with little heat or have to bug out in the winter, you will want to sleep as warm and comfortable as possible.

Now there are a few things that you need to take into consideration when choosing a sleeping bag.  First, what type of winter weather are you dealing with?  In my area if I go 20 miles downhill to the west, the temperatures will be relatively moderate, rarely going below freezing, but with rain and lots of people. …

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What Do You Need to Live in a Tent for a Long Period of Time


A 16 x 16 foot military tent

Lately I have been thinking about what it would be like to live in a tent for a substantial period of time.  This came about as the result of a discussion on what type of tent would be best.  The conclusion that I have came to is that I don’t really know what would be the best brand.  When I was at the Expo in Utah last week, I saw several and they were not cheap.

After looking at them, I came to some conclusions on what I want in a tent.  Out of the ones that I saw, I liked the new 16×16 military tent. …

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How to Choose a Good Campsite


People can walk right by a well hidden campsite.

It seems that these days the internet is filled with articles about bugging out.  It sounds like a large number of you have decided that this is a better cause of action than bugging in.  That very well may be the best choice for you.  The question is where, are you bugging out too.  Do you have a bug out location that is stocked and ready or are you going to be one of many looking for a semi permanent campsite.

If you are among the group that will be looking for a campsite here are some suggestions that may help you.…

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Building Field Expedient Shelters to Keep You Dry

 Field expedient shelters

A shelter made from a poncho, keep it low to the ground.

With all the recent rain we have been having, I have been thinking about field expedient shelters.  Now I am familiar with many of the improvised shelters made with natural materials.  But to tell you the truth I have never had much success at making a shelter out of brush, grass etc that would keep out a heavy rain.  The best solution is to have something with you that you can use as a rain cover.

This could be a sheet of plastic, a poncho, tarp or many other things. …

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Sleeping Dry While Camping in the Rain

sleeping dry

Here you can see the ditch going around the tent.

It has been raining hard on and off for the last several days.  This resulted in a discussion about sleeping dry while camping in the rain.  I was very surprised about how little some of the young men knew about this subject.  Basically, it came down to the fact that they depended on their tents to keep them dry.

They had no idea of how to How to Select a Campsite  or an understanding of how to ditch around a tent.  So here are a few ideas to help you if you have to build a shelter in the rain.…

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A Comparison of Four Different Fire Starters

fire startersToday one of my granddaughters and I were experimenting with different types of fire starting devices.  It ended with us making a video of Randy lighting Vaseline soaked cotton balls in a short video which we posted on you tube.  Now Randy is interested in prepping and has been studying it for some time.

What we are doing with her is having her do everything herself, so that she really learns how to survive.  So we spent this afternoon on fire starting.  One thing she has learned is how that there is a learning curve on almost everything.  None of us are born Daniel Boones.…

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