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Being a Good Observer is an Important Skill in the Backcountry.


A lime stone cave near where I live.

The better observer you are, the better your chances of survival are in an emergency.  If you spend a lot of time in the same general areas, you should take the time to learn to read the terrain. There are many nature signs that can help you.  Learning these signs can help you in almost any areas or situations.

For instance, let’s talk about rock.  The type of rock in the area can tell you a lot about what to expect.  Limestone will tell you that you may find caves, holes and stone pillars. …

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Fire Starting is a Skill You Need to Practice

fire startingI watch several of the survival shows on TV and occasionally you will find some good information that slips by the directors.  It seems that many of these shows are more hype than substance.  I wouldn’t want to have my life depend on what I have learned from those shows.  However, there is one skill that most of them point out is extremely important and that is fire starting.

Now over the years I have talked with people who thought that they could play Daniel Boone and start a fire easily.  Most of them ended up using a surprisingly large quantity of matches and never did get a really successful fire started and this was in good weather.…

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How to Get Children or Grandchildren to Carry Emergency Gear?

emergency gear

Sometimes it is amazing what they have in their car trunks.

The other morning one of my grandchildren came by and visited with us.  While she was here, we got to talking about what emergency gear she had in her car.  Now she has a good get home and bugout bag.  So I asked her what she had in her car right now.  She had extra clothes, tennis shoes, a blanket and water.  So I asked her where her bag was, she admitted that her emergency gear was sitting in her closet at home.  Being young and in good shape they have a tendency to think they can do anything.…

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12 Reasons Why Well Trained and Equipped People Fail to Survive

fail to survive

These men had the will and courage to survive

When confronted with survival situation human beings have the potential to overcome challenges, beat incredible odds, and come out a survivor.  However, in survival situations, many people fail to survive not for lack of physical ability or resources, but because of lack of will.  Survival is taking any situation, accepting it, and trying to improve it, while sustaining your life until you can get out of the situation.  Survival is a state of mind.

Here is a list of 12 reason why you can fail to survive

  1. Failure to plan – you need to take the time to survey the situation and make a plan and then follow it.
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What are Realistic Expectations for TEOTWAWKI

Realistic Expectations I remember when I first started with the fire department in 1968, as we went through training we all wanted a fire to occur.  After we went to a few we discovered that while it might seem exciting to us, it could be a devastating event for the victims.  While we still enjoyed being firefighters, we began to think more about the victims and less about ourselves.  The same thing occurred later in my career as I became involved with the law enforcement side of public safety.  We didn’t always have realistic expectations.

Now today I talk to some preppers that I believe want TEOTWAWKI to happen. …

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7 common misconceptions about wilderness survival

The following is a guest post that I found to be interesting.  It shows a few of the misconceptions that people have about wilderness survival.


Reality TV has made faux survivalists of too many of us. A lot of people probably believe that we’d be able to live through a life-threatening situation just because we’ve watched all the episodes of Man Vs. Wild and Survivorman. Despite what some people think, not everything you see on TV is true, and misplaced confidence will only get your ass killed. Here are a few common misconceptions about wilderness survival.


wilderness survival
Photo by

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Noise discipline, some tips to help you maintain yours

noise discipline Noise discipline is the practice of minimizing ones noise signature so that it does not compromise your intended purpose.  For a prepper this can vary from trying to avoid attracting attention while bugging in to maintaining silence while traveling on foot.

Have you ever been outside in your yard when there is a power outage. Did you notice just how quiet everything is?  You still have the sounds of the birds and the wind blowing through the trees.  But many of the sounds we have been used to hearing are gone.  Now imagine no motor vehicles.  You will find that you will be surprised at how far sound carries and you will notice sounds you normally never hear.…

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Beware of Scams That are Aimed at Preppers

scamsThe other day I received a phone call from someone claiming to be from the IRS, warning me that the IRS was about to file a lawsuit against me for back taxes and of cause they wanted money.  Two things immediately clicked, one I knew that the IRS would not contact you in this manner.  They always contact by mail.  Second, I knew that my taxes were paid.  So I laughed at them hung up and reported their phone number to the authorities.  Now this got me to thinking about various scams that I see being spread around the internet aimed at preppers.…

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Cooking Wild Eggs Over an Open Fire and Other edible Eggs.

cooking wild eggs

Set your egg in the warm ashes near your fire

Yesterday’s post was on finding and eating wild bird’s eggs.  So today, I want to cover a method of cooking wild eggs over an open fire when you don’t have pots or pans.  You can cook them in the ashes.  But first, I want to point out that there are many other types of eggs that can be consumed.  These include turtle, alligator, snake, other reptiles and some fish eggs.

Remember many turtles, particularly sea turtles, and some other alligators and some other reptiles either are protected or have hunting seasons. …

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How to Collect and Eat Wild Bird Eggs

wild bird eggs

a goose and a chicken and a quail egg side by side.

Before you run out to an hunt wild bird eggs, you might want to check your local laws. Hunting songbird and game bird eggs is illegal in most of the United states.  But if you are starving and stumble upon a bird’s nest, you can poach, fry or hard-boil them.  When I was young, eating raw eggs was considered ok, now it is frowned upon and considered unsafe.  I have eaten my share of raw eggs and would in an emergency.  But you have to make your own decisions.…

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