A list of Seven Problems that Older Preppers Face

Seven Problems that Older Preppers Face via Preparedness Advice

The older I get the more I see problems that older preppers face. I know you all plan to be that rare exception that is still walking long distances in your 90’s and not taking any medication.  Unfortunately, that does not happen to most of us.  Most of us end up facing some type of serious limiting medical problems.  Many of us are dependent on medications, have mobility problems or cognitive problems.  Even if you are that rare exception, you don’t know what will happen tomorrow.

I recently wrote an article about Some Helpful Tips for Older Preppers.  Now today’s list is a bit different it provides information about preppers who are having problems that are more serious and are more limited physically.

So what are the problems that older preppers face?

  1. Medications, this is a big one. Extra prescription medications are hard to get.  I know people who are o medication that keep them alive.  Without them they would be dead within a few days.  Here are some ideas that may help you stock up on important medications.  15 Over the Counter Medications Preppers need to Stock , So You Need Prescription Medications,  More on, So You Need Prescription Medications

    problems that older preppers face

    These will no longer be available

  1. Mobility – While I have not had any mobility problems yet, it seems like many of the people around me are. My wife for instance has arthritis in her feet.  She can still walk and accomplish her normal activities, but would have real problems walking for a prolonged distance.  Get walkers, crutches, canes, and wheelchairs, now.  They are often in garage sales and very cheap.
  1. Cognitive Challenges – Aging results in normal changes in cognition. Three specific changes occur: reduced processing speed, greater tendency to be distracted and reduced capacity to process and remember new information (working memory). I am seeing this in my father who is in his nineties.  You may have to write notes to remind them of things and just in general be more patient.
  1. Visual Challenges – Many older adults have problems with vision. About 2/3 of adults with vision problems are older than 65. Make sure you keep your eyeglasses up to date and have extra pairs.  You have cataracts get them fixed at your first opportunity.
  1. Hearing Challenges – Hearing loss is common in older adults, affecting 1 in 3 people older than 60 and half of those older than 85. This is a hard one; hearing aids will be useless without batteries.  Communicate with hard of hearing people by facing them directly when talking to them.  Speak loudly and clearly.  I have hearing problems and if someone is not facing me, it is much harder to understand them.
  1. Bedroom supplies – you may need oversize diapers, rubber sheets and porta potties.
  1. Over the counter medications – here is a list of 15 Over the Counter Medications Preppers need to Stock. This is a list that everyone should have regardless of your age.

The problems that older preppers face can be quite serious.  For instance, what do you do with your parents who are in a nursing home and require 24-hour care?  These are decisions that are best made ahead of time.  You may even consider asking them what they would want you to do.  Remember you can’t stock everything for every contingency, just do the best you can  But plan ahead.



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14 Responses to A list of Seven Problems that Older Preppers Face

  1. Taxdn2poverty says:

    The bottom line is there will be no older people left within a few weeks after the collapse. Nothing will change that, it is engraved in stone. Few of the young, none of the old will be alive withing ninety days post teotwawki. Thanks for the article

    • Tough as nails says:

      Don’t be so sure, some of us are tough as nails and have survived wars and disasters. A lot of the young are the ones I question, they will give up and die. Have you ever been in combat?

    • laura m. says:

      Taxedn: Gotto agree, many will starve and/or be without life saving drugs (heart meds, insulin, or Thyroid meds). If things are bad enough (lack of food) few will be alive in three month. Probably best not to be alive for some.

  2. Linda S. says:

    Thoughtful article, well written. I’m 70, haven’t seen a doc in over 20 yrs & take no meds but OTC allergy. I do, however, need to lose weight. This is a big hindrance in walking very far. Darn! It’s harder to lose as you age, but you’ve inspired me.

  3. Abigayle says:

    We had a severe ice storm here in 2012 with downed power lines, 25 degree temps, and no power. My mom was in a dementia care center and we went to check on her. There was hardly any staff there, one caregiver just kind of moved in with her family and while that was great, she had little children and it was rather chaotic. They were passing out thin cotton blankets for their bedrooms with no power, there was a little power in the hallways. My mother was panicked and scared. There was no way with dementia she could go into a dark apartment that was cold. We brought her to our house and moved her into the living room. It was warm with our wood stove and we cooked and kept her comfortable. It was a bit of stress however. I had grabbed some waterproof pads and put down on the sofa, we had her sleep there. She was incontinent at night and would wake up and start walking around. I would get up and try to get her back to bed and it frighted her. The whole thing was just hard. Sheets couldn’t be washed so I simply gathered them and put them in a plastic bag and used wipes on her. It really would be difficult it went for a long time. We had several days of this. Dementia care is comfort care. They aren’t comfortable often in these situations and then you end up with behavior problems and fried nerves.

  4. Dan says:

    I agree with tough as nails. DO NOT UNDERESTIMATE OLD PEOPLE! Boot camp in the USMC ingrained something that most people never see. It’s worked well for me throughout life and I would expect it would come in handy in a SHTF situation.

  5. LindaW says:

    I have always had to take care of myself or figure out how to get help. So, I won’t be dying off if disaster hits. I will be 70 on September 11. I don’t have dementia, can hear as well as I have been able to hear for the last 25 years, just have to see your mouth to hear…lol. Oh, hopefully the fact I won the senior county spelling bee just a few weeks ago means I still have some cognitive ability and memory left.

    My mobility problems can be fixed with back surgery and repair of torn meniscus in both knees. I don’t think I am particularly “tough” at all. However, tenacity helps me. And, I do not have arthritis! Right now, I cannot walk further than to the car or chicken pen without paying for it for three days.

    I don’t have to have any medication except the pill for gerd. Well, there are the allergy meds and inhalers…lol. But, otc meds can keep me from being miserable. I rarely use an inhaler.

    You don’t know what I have had to endure so far in my life, so don’t count on me being dead unless you shoot me. since I have no guns, you win.

    The last cataract will come out next month.

  6. Idahoprep says:

    The most sense thing would shoot them while they sleep.

  7. Echo says:

    wow, just wow on some of the comments. so if your not ‘young and fit’ the older ones are expected to roll over and die….
    the ‘older ones’ just might be the ones who will save your azzes with their skill, knowledge and wisdom when SHTF.

    people and preppers alike complain and bemoan how much has been lost because so many discounted the elders and didn’t/wouldn’t listen. when the young didn’t take the time to listen and learn.

  8. Pat says:

    Well, I hope none of my family decide I need to be ‘put down’ as someone suggested. I have RA and can’t move well, can’t walk much, but give me a nice foxhole and I’ll cover your retreat. If I have a chance to go with, I’ve been a nurse for 30 years and could probably help a bit. I’ve also been studying herbal medicine and working on indoor gardening, so that should be a help. I can’t grill worth crap, tho, so I don’t know who’ll do the cooking! Lol!

  9. Doreen says:

    Are all people expecting this to happen after 20th Jan 2017 when Donald Trump takes over. Will he cause these dire circumstances.
    will it just be the US or more western countries as well?

    • Noah says:

      Since he’s not a politician and doesn’t have a record of voting either way on things, including war and the use of drone warfare, I’m giving him the benefit of the doubt. But, with a bit of sarcasm, you’d better be ready to bug out the moment he’s sworn into office. SMH

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