7 Reasons to Keep Prepping Because Donald Trump is President

I well remember the election of 2008. It came at the beginning of the crash of the housing bubble, which affected my family business in a big way. With a President Obama on the horizon and the economy going down the tubes, I felt very uncertain about the future. So, my wife and I became preppers, and it was a smart move.

Now I’m hearing of prepper-minded folks who think they can relax their prepping because Donald Trump has been elected President.

Like Obama when he was elected, Trump doesn’t have much of a record when it comes to actual governing but he speaks with confidence about making America great again. I guess that’s enough to convince a lot of people that the “good old days” are here again and they can put away their bug out bags and freeze dried food.

Me? I’m not so sure, and I’ll keep prepping, thank you very much. I’ve given this some thought and here are the reasons my family and I will continue on as preppers.

  1. S finds a way of hitting the fan in our personal lives, no matter who the President is. Whether it’s a job loss, devastating family illness or injury, or a house fire, it pays to plan ahead and prep for those kinds of events. Not ready for these types of events, this is the best overall family prepping book I’ve read.
  2. Natural disasters and extreme weather events will continue to happen. Right now, the story in the news is wildfires, something this blog has covered in dept in articles like this one.
  3. There are world events that no President can prevent. This what concerns me the most. There are too many wild cards out there. Belligerent countries, such as Iran, have become stronger and more confident in their boldness toward the U.S., and I’m not so sure they’ll back down easily just because another man sits in the Oval Office. I can’t remember a time when the Middle East was so unstable. Right now, it’s a powder keg that, I believe, has been lit. It’s a matter of time, maybe just months, before we see the explosion.
  4. A massive financial crisis looms and Trump has inherited it, and there’s no way of knowing how he will manage the coming crash. Mind-boggling debt cannot continue piling up forever. I worry for the future of my kids and the huge tax burden they’ll assume when they become adults. There’s no way to avoid it.
  5. The world balance of power has changed since 2008. China and Russia have been flexing their muscles, looking to expand their influence and borders. China has actually built artificial islands in order to establish military buildings and airstrips. Sounds like they may have long-term, aggressive plans for the region. The balance of power that existed for so many decades has changed and the world stage is very unstable.
  6. America has radically changed since 2008. The country is more divided than I have ever seen in my 4 decades here on earth. Black Lives Matter isn’t going away any time soon but will continue to cherry pick events they can exploit for the purpose of stirring up rage. The country is racially divided, perhaps beyond reconciliation. Hordes of immigrants have overcome our education system and stretched the limits of our country’s social services. Nothing good can come of a nation that is so fractured within.
  7. It seems that Trump’s political foes aren’t going to accept and move on. I fully expected the riots that followed the election and there’s more to come. At some point, growing civil unrest will affect many of us in ways we can’t yet imagine. Also, it seems there is a movement to upend our political process with pressure to remove the electoral college system and change long-standing process and rules. Wherever there is instability, chaos is the result.
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I’m very interested to watch the Trump Presidency unfold. In a way, it’s exciting to see someone in office who has never been a politician, a group of people I hold in complete contempt, as they do me, coincidentally.

There you have it. My 7 reasons for prepping in spite of Trump being elected. I’m not going to sit back and assume that with this new President all my worries for the future were for naught. If anything, the future is more precarious and dangerous than ever.

Your thoughts?

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30 thoughts on “7 Reasons to Keep Prepping Because Donald Trump is President”

  1. I agree 100% with everything you have written. I haven’t changed my prepping plans at all. I think we may have a little more time for planning & stockpiling with Trump then we would have had with Hillary but a collapse at this point is unavoidable. My husband & I are going to be purchasing some land next year- I am so excited about , we are growing out of our current half acre property. I hope we have enough time to set up our new homestead but I am still getting things done where I live now (fruit tree’s planted, compost piles, additional garden beds, canned & dehydrated my own produce, added supplies & long term food items etc).

  2. I don’t intend on stopping. All types of crap can happen and probably will under President Trump. Economic collapse, Dirty bomb, Race riots, straight out war, etc. I just keep prepping.

  3. Why would one stop if you truly believe something, at some point, will happen? Yesterday, while I was at work, there was a power outage. Three different people came in and were confused as to why the traffic lights and businesses were out of power. My first thought was “oh my, it’s happened. The grid is down.” It wasn’t anything more than a guy who took a limb down and it hit a power line that took out blocks. But it could have been more than that. So never let your guard down. Don’t become complacent.

    1. EXACTLY! And THAT, is how you know you are truly a prepper!!! Next time…it may not be as simple as a dysfunctional Paul Bunyan living next door!! Be ready!!!

    2. LOL Something like that recently happened here and that was my first thought also…OK, what do I need to do now!
      Plus every time I go out I am scanning to find likely water sources, fuel, coverage, running scenarios if there are roadblock thugs, what ifs, etc. etc.
      As flight attendants we were drilled yearly and intensely with evacuation procedures … survival if you will…so that it became second nature. That’s just life…held by a very thin thread. If we think we can control it, we are sadly mistaken. But we can still do our best to not be victims. Yes, and most people think we’re just a teensy crazy! Doesn’t bother me in the least.

  4. 8. Terrorist actor on U.S. soil will not stop.
    9. Gold and silver are on sale since the elections. A great time to stock up!

  5. The reality is that if (it’s a big if, no matter who the president is) things in the country or around the world become better/more stable that is the EXACT time to put more effort into preparing for hard times. You know “Make hay while the sun shines” and all that.
    of course as stated a whole multitude of unforeseen events are clearly still possible and no one man anywhere can prevent certain outcomes. Not preparing for hard times while times are good is like waiting for it to rain before you patch a leaky roof.

  6. Agree, no one has a crystal ball. Much can happen no matter who is in office. The stage is set for any number of bad things to happen that make sensible preps well worth while.

  7. Honestly, back when the slate was finally narrowed to Trump vs. Clinton I just had the sense that no matter who was elected, we’d be in for it. I never stopped prepping, and in fact, have stepped up even more.

    I would add that, regardless of who our leader is, you can’t control what the Average Joe around you will do. People hurt each other in a myriad of ways everyday. No President can prevent you, personally, from being severely injured or disabled, from losing your spouse, from a housefire that destroys everything, or from being the random victim of a violent attack or robbery. Prepping isn’t something to be done only when times seem bad – it should be a lifestyle, part of your daily routines no matter what’s going on in the world.

  8. Donald Trump isn’t Prsident yet. He’s President Elect. I’d be surprised if he either makes it to the swearing in, or is derailed after.

    I agree with Mama, and all of you. Carry on as if..

  9. No mention of the fact the free world is now ruled by a narcissistic, megalonaniac, whose impulsive, juvenile actions and utterances in the form of public tv and social media tweets proves his level of maturity , tolerence, empathy, patience, and intelligence is about the size of a gnats eyeball? And he has the codes! Yep, that’d be about number one on my list of reasons.

    1. The article wasn’t political at all. Sorry you took it that way and can’t see the common sense behind it, regardless of who is in office.

    2. ss dee…sorry to inform you, and you can confirm through Google, but the Clinton’s have already SOLD uranium to Russia through their ‘Friend’ who requested Bill put him in touch with the Country of Source. He bought the uranium, then sold it to Russia, then made a $30M+ donation to the Clinton Foundation. The horse is already out of the barn and Trump had nothing to do with it.
      Trump is posturing to REGAIN our standing in the world which has kept just what you are afraid of from happening. Yes we used it before, but the Japanese learned very quickly, You can’t mess with America. You can be assured other countries were watching and won’t make the same mistake, because NO, of course not, Trump will not mess around if they are so stupid to not heed the posturing.
      So if you are wishing to make it a political discussion, you should be aware of the Facts….readily PUBLICLY & Freely available through news sources…not skewed pundit sound bites. Education is the best defense. Ask me for the link if you can’t find it.
      Just curious…what does the SS stand for?
      And stay prepared. There will be a LOT of people dying because they are not. Remember the parable of the 5 Wise and 5 Foolish Virgins? All we can do is sound the alarm…Be Prepared —the Boy Scout motto.

  10. I would DOUBLE UP if Hillary was elected!! But an economic blowup is going to happen no matter who or what. Possibly it will be later with Trump, but he doesn’t run the world. Nor does he run the weather. Nor is he able to prevent a EMP…prepping is still most advisable. And the Government is still not going to help you. So what is there to debate??

  11. Are you kidding? Trump is the reason I prep. Did it ever occur to you that his mouth, greed, and general lack of ethics will be what gets us into the apocalypse?

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  13. I agree with much of what is written here. However, I do wish people wouldn’t make everything political. I am relieved Trump won. But no matter who is in office, half the people will hate the president and see ill intent in him. In the end, we all have to become who we are supposed to be; for some, it may take Trump. For me, the Obama years changed my life forever, as it opened my eyes to so much; for example, I will never trust the government or the media again. In particular, Obama years made me realize how complacent and ill-prepared we are as a nation. I have promised myself that no matter what happens in life, I will never stand there, helpless, with a blank expression and a slack jaw. It’s my heart and mind that I strengthen first. All else follows. I am an AMERICAN. I am bred from generations of people who survived and triumphed. I would urge my fellows to tamp down the politics and embrace the ideals that we share. Keep the faith, brothers and sisters.

    1. First off great article. I love this website so much.

      Well said Abby Smas. I agree with you completely. I’m so sick of politicians. We need terms limits desperately. Let’s throw them out and start over.

  14. I’ve totally slacked off on prepping after Trump won. I still have thousands of pounds of food, ammo and guns to go with it. But I dunno about you guys, I breathed a sigh of relief after he won. But this article is true, there are unforeseen circumstances out there that even Trump can’t manage. So starting in Feb, 2017, I’m back to stockpiling and saving to get a battery for my solar so I can be totally off the grid.

  15. Indeed, we are headed for difficult times. Trump’s election has meant a resurgence and reaffirmation of certain fundamental values. However, there is an opposing tide that is running against that. First, there is the notion of entitlement whether the issue is welfare benefits or an increased minimum wage. People feel that they are “due” certain things to be obtained through “government redistribution” or “any means necessary”. As others have noted, the minute the government welfare benefits disappear, crime of untold proportions will occur. Personal responsibility has been eroded in this country by some well-intended but very dangerous “safety-net” actions. Second, there is the naive notion of “unlimited abundance”. All of those people who so generously welcome poverty stricken immigrants do not realize that there is not enough for everyone. There are over 90 million umemployed US citizens. If there are no jobs for them, who is going to employ all the “immigrants”? Third, there is a disrespect for the rule of law with the accompanying notion that one has a right to decide what the law should be and act in accordance with that view. Once again, looking at the illegal immigrant situation. These people are breaking the law. However, there are those who think that iif the person “is otherwise law-abiding, hard working, and making a contribution to the community (whatever that means), they should not be required to obey immigration laws. That mentalility leads to people picking and choosing which laws they will obey. Lawlessness leads to chaos.

    People need to keep preps up for self-defense and self-preservation.

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  17. Absolutely! Keep prepping and maintaining a level of preparedness and awareness of the possible emergencies that may arise. This is especially true now with Trump as president since he is an ignorant racist and divides and agitates the people. Racists and idiots everywhere now think it’s ok to come out swinging like “it is the good old days again,” like you said. Watch for more acts of senseless violence and ignorant & racist people to continue causing more problems in society. Trump brings out hate in people and it’s guaranteed to cause civil unrest. The level it will get to? We shall see. But his idiocy is also sure to cause some major economic problems unless you are filthy rich. This era he brings about is more dangerous and unstable than one we’ve seen in the last 3 decades.

    1. Trump’s saber rattling and foolish bluster is incredibly dangerous. In addition to that, he’s about to weaken a large swath of our citizenry to make sure the ultra wealthy and multinationals get a handout. Both of these factors create distrust both between citizens and among our allies around the world. I think a lot of countries might just take their sweet time coming to our aid if Trump is at the helm. Someone’s going to call his bluff. I didn’t start prepping until he was elected. I’ll leave the FEMA camp and “Obama’s after yer guns” nonsense to the fringe and try for a basic level of preparedness for a foreign takedown of a portion of the electrical grid or a major ice storm in my neck of the woods. My goal is to be able to provide for my immediate family for a couple months. What really makes me nervous in that situation is all the youtube redneck commandos with their AR’s living out their prepper wet dreams.

      1. It’s been almost a year. Still waiting for all the hysterical, teeth-gnashing predictions to come true. The economy is going gang-busters. ISIS is all but destroyed. Saudi Arabia is talking peace with Israel and has been instrumental in bringing stability to the region. OTOH, Iran is becoming a Middle East nuclear nightmare, very similar to North Korea, and that is 100% on the hands of Obama. We’re learning that the completely destroyed nation of Libya now routinely sells black African slaves on the open market. Both Obama and Clinton had a direct hand in bringing destruction to Libya. That has opened the door to millions of immigrants invading and destabilizing parts of Europe. If that’s your idea of utopia, then dream on, my friend.

  18. Since our President insists on poking that mad man in Korea with a stick I feel there is a much greater possibility of a nuclear attack. I have reviewed all of my fall out procedures and inspected relevant equipment / supplies.

    1. Still waiting for that to happen. Recently, we’re seeing, for the first time with the NK dictator, the willingness to talk with South Korea. That’s a start. I’m not susceptible to fear mongering, and since I have yet to see all the wild-eyed apocalyptic predictions come true when Trump was elected, I’m getting more and more skeptical of those who continue to promote panic. At this point, it’s ridiculous but obviously, your opinion differs.

  19. I totally agree with you, I have not jumped onto the prepping wagon yet but the wife an I have spent lotta time discussing what we need to lay back I am just tied down at this point trying to pay off short term debt on limited income but there a light in the tunnel

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