Do You Have an Adequate Supply of the Right Type of Socks?


Socks and taking care of one’s feet can be a major issue during a long-term grid down situation.  If you can’t get decent socks and have to spend a fair amount of time hiking or working, your feet can become a real problem.  Granted they will toughen up to a degree over time,

I guess the first questions are how many pairs of socks do you need and what type.  The answer to, how many pairs you need depends on how long you think the emergency will last.  The type of socks you need to store will depend on what you are doing.

Personally, my first choice would be a good merino wool sock if I had to wear boots all the time.  For hiking and cold weather, I would have a number of pairs of these.  It may sound strange but they work well in hot weather and in cold.

The same tiny merino wool fibers that can keep you warm in winter also keep you cool in hot weather through the process of evaporative cooling.  The fibers act as little wicks to pull the moisture off your skin and move it to where it is exposed to the outside air, where it can evaporate quickly.  Merino wool is perfect for long, hot hikes and work that will cause your feet to sweat.  The material also stretches and stays snug without bunching up in the toe or heel.

Now because of the price of merino wool socks I suggest that you buy a number of pairs of cheaper synthetic socks for every day work around your home.  These can be quite adequate for doing choirs.

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But whatever socks you are wearing there are some things to look for.

  • Wear socks that help you avoid ‘hot spots’ on your feet, which lead to blisters:
  • Keep your feet dry, especially when hiking to prevent blisters
  • Proper fit, get socks that fit snug and do not move around
  • Avoid cotton socks which hold moisture and will generate hot spots that can lead to blisters
  • For those allergic to wool, a synthetic sock can be a good alternative.

I have quite a few pairs of everyday socks, plus a good number of wool boot socks and suggest you do the same.


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