Avoiding Chinese Freeze Dried Foods

Chinese freeze dried foods

Every few days I get a question from someone and in the past, I have always answered them via e-mail.  Several weeks ago, I answered one in a post and asked for you to add your comments and suggestions.  Since then I have done a couple more and have received good suggestions.  I am going to continue to post a question every now and then.  Today I received the following question, in regards to the post Long Term Storage Foods From China “I am looking for a manufacturer that can sell me freeze dried food products for emergencies and disaster.  How do I know what supplier is good or bad?”  The post to which he addressed the question was on the subject of Chinese freeze dried food being imported into the US.

Since I wrote the original article I have done more research on this subject and have found almost no Freeze Dried Foods Companies that do not use food from China in at least a limited fashion.

Mountain House has always been my first choice for high quality Freeze Dried Foods and even they have started to use Chinese Freeze dried foods in limited amounts.  The question and answer section on their website states the following,  “Mountain House purchases hundreds of ingredients from all over the world.  Out of the hundreds of ingredients we use, there are only 3 ingredients from China. These 3 ingredients are used in the following flavors: Spicy Oriental, Chicken Teriyaki, Beef Teriyaki.”

Many of the less reputable companies use Chinese freeze dried foods extensively.  Unfortunately, I can’t give you the names of some companies that I am aware of that use large amounts of Chinese Freeze Dried Foods, because I would compromise my source of information.

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However, there are a couple of recommendations that I can make.  First, ask questions, don’t be afraid to put them on the spot.  Second, stay with older well-established companies like Mountain House, Honeyville Farms, Provident Pantry, and Augason Farms. Thrive is the only company I am aware of that currently claims to use no Chinese freeze dried foods  Avoid the newer companies that have suddenly appeared out of nowhere.  Some of these companies are so new I don’t have any experience with their products.  They may be perfectly ok.  But I am going to stay with companies that have long track records.  Over the years, I have seen companies come and go and the same thing with their food it went into the trash.


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10 thoughts on “Avoiding Chinese Freeze Dried Foods”

  1. Good post. You’ve really got to hold their feet to the fire…let them know you’re not going to purchase food from China! I talked about this very subject in a video I uploaded to YouTube 2 years about, after getting apricots from China, when I ordered from Augason Farms. I was furious. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RkUlPpDbrnA

  2. I have talked extensively with some company owners! Nuharvest is the only 100% everything made in the USA! They own their own freeze drying equipment only 3 in the US do! Auguson farms buys from China unless it’s dehydrated! If you want to put them on the spot ask them” where do you actually freeze dry your food”!

  3. I appreciate that this issue is be addressed. I’ve been trying to weed through this myself and am finding it difficult. Recently I contacted BePrepared.com … who sells their line of food as ‘Provident Pantry’… and asked if any of their food sources were from China. They obviously did not want to discuss this. I pressed the issue because I have purchased quite a bit of food from them and we have lot of illness in the family. I have to be careful what I feed them. Finally, they confirmed that they do use food from China… however, they would not tell me which products are affected. After continuing to press the issue I was told they have some product lines not sourced by China. I don’t feel comfortable listing them here because after the run around I received from their Customer Service Rep I am not confident in what I was told. I am beyond disappointed with BePrepared.com over this issue. I have read on-line where other people have had the same experience with this company. I am going to be contacting them again, and if I can get more accurate data I will add an updated posting. AFTERWARDS, I called Wise Food and was told that they do not use any food from China. They said that all of their food is grown and processed in the USA… except for two months in the Winter when some fruit is imported from South America. The person I spoke to at Wise Food Company was very forthcoming with the answers to my questions. So… for what it is worth… these are two of my experiences. I am still awaiting responses from other companies. I hope that other people will post on your blog what they have been told by food storage companies concerning food sources/processing from China.

      1. I’ve bought a couple of items from store.reconsurvival.com and a Wise product was one of them. How about their EasyPrep product? Do you have any information on that company?

        1. I have never heard of EasyPrep, but personally I only buy off companies that have been in existence for some time and have a good track record. This would include Mountain House, Emergency Essentials, Honeyville farms and Ready Reserve.

  4. I can confirm that Thrive Life Foods does not source any foods from China. I am a regional team leader, and have been on two product boards. Thrive takes quality very seriously, and each truckload of food is tested and held to 41 quality control standards before it can be off loaded.

    1. Thanks for that input. My family uses and really likes Thrive Life food, so it’s good to have it confirmed that their foods do not come from China, specifically.

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