The Best Trash Container I have Seen for EMP Protection


EMP (Electromagnetic pulse) is a subject I am always trying to find out more about.  Now I am not going to become an expert in electronics, but I want to know enough to protect my electronic devices.  Now I do not think that I can protect my whole home or even large devices like my refrigerator.  They are on their own and will survive or not.  However, there are many smaller items that I want to survive.

Facts About EMP’s and CMP’s

Now I know that there are some differences in the type of pulse that is given off by CMP (coronal magnetic pulse) and EMP.  I believe that the damage caused by EMP would be worse than CMP.  The E3 pulse from a CMP will last much longer and can last for days.  The E3 pulse will affect long distance transmission lines, but probably won’t affect your small electronics.  An E1 pulse is very short but will affect transmission lines and small electronics. My plans to protect my equipment are base on the E1 pulse from a nuclear blast.

Here you can see how the handle locks the lid into place.

I have been getting information from an electronic engineer that has been doing some testing on EMP.  One of the things that he has tested is the difference between the different types of galvanized trashcans.  He recommends that we use the locking lid container manufactured by Behrens for Faraday cages.  This is trash container that is made of good steel in the US.

Made In USA
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I purchased the ten-gallon one to evaluate and am very impressed.  I have never seen a trash can lid fit as tight as this one.  Then when you put the handle in the upright position, the lid is locked on.

Mine was purchased from Amazon Prime and was definitely reasonable.  I have been told that this brand can be bought at Home Depot.  After getting mine, I cut up the box it came in and used it to line the can.  I then placed a plastic garbage bag inside for extra protection. The container was then filled with small electronics that I want to protect.

Some of the small electronic in the can

I have other faraday cages, but some of them are hard to get into and I use some of these items often, so this can works well.  In the future, I may consider wrapping some of the contents in plastic and then aluminum foil for extra protection.

This can is impressive, it is the best I have seen.

A Must Read
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19 thoughts on “The Best Trash Container I have Seen for EMP Protection”

  1. Now that I’ve read this article, I may have to get a couple more of them. The one we originally bought two years ago, we just use for cleaning the fireplace.


  2. I use the exact same Behrens can for my Faraday cage. It works like a charm! Blocks phone and radio signals!

    1. Aluminum tape is adhesive backed and thus not electrically connected to the garbage can. I seriously wonder if it helping as much a it looks.

      You might consider wrapping it adhesive side out (so aluminum is touching can) and tape edges of aluminum foil with scotch tape.

      1. Or you could actually read about the tape and make sure you are buying metal tape with conductive adhesive.

        * 3M™ Conductive Aluminum Foil Tape 3302

        * 2.0 mil aluminum foil backing with a conductive

        * Aluminum foil tape. EMI/RFI shielding. UL 510 Recognized.
        Resists flame, resists moisture, resists weather, resists UV degradation, chemical resistant tape, thermally conductive tape for heating and cooling efficiency, heat reflective tape, light reflective tape, conformable tape

  3. I plan to use a shipping container for my bug out location. What about lining it and using it as my faraday cage as well? Does anyone have any ideas on this possibility?

    1. I think it would be questionable. At least wrap the electronics in aluminum foil and then place in the cans, sealing them well with the tape

    1. That’s been a controversial point for a long time. I’ve found Arthur T. Bradley to be a reliable source of information related to EMP and Faraday containers. His verdict is that Faraday containers do not need to be grounded.

    1. Todd P Harrison

      EMP that we are prepping for comes from a nuclear bomb going off. The theory is that a hostile power would explode a bomb in the atmosphere above a major city or other target, to knock out electronic and electrical infrastructure. The only warning would be that the missiles are incoming, which would only give you five to seven minutes to get ready. Also think of what else would still be around and operating after such an attack. Maybe save some walkie talkies, a handheld generator, a solar panel, a battery charger, rechargeable batteries and regular batteries, flashlights, etc.. Cell phones are useless with dead cell towers. Radios would likely have no stations broadcasting anytime soon. Satellite phones may work, but satellites may also be affected or out of control, thus inoperable. TV? Nope.

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