Butter Substitutes for When You are Using Your Food Storage

If you have to use your food storage for any length of time, you will probably run out of butter.  Butter substitutes can be used in baking and other recipes.  The following is a list of foods that can be used as substitutes in various kinds of cooking.

Butter substitutes

Applesauce is often used to replace oils in recipes.  Applesauce can also be used in place of butter in cake-like recipes or bread.  Replace the amount of butter in your recipe with applesauce.  This will result in denser, moister bread.

Avocado can be used in place of butter.  Use the same amount of avocado, as you would butter.  Using avocado not only lowers the calorie content but also creates a softer, moister baked good.

Canola oil – In certain recipes, replacing butter with oil works well, especially if the recipe calls for melted butter.

Greek yogurt: Replace the amount of butter in your cookie recipes with half the amount of full-fat plain Greek yogurt.  You’ll reduce the calories and the saturated fat. This may require a bit of experimenting.

Prune purée makes a low-calorie and low fat alternative to butter.  Replace the butter with the equivalent amount of prune puree.  This will affect the taste.

Beans, this is my favorite   My wife has been using bean puree instead of fat in baking for several years.  You substitute bean puree in the same quantities for butter or oils in baked goods.  The cake cooks just a bit faster than normal, so be sure and watch close the first time you cook with them.  The cake stays moist longer.

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Olive oil can be used for baking.  Simply use 3/4 cup of olive oil for every cup of butter called for in a recipe.  Olive oil is also an effective butter substitute in pasta sauces and mashed potatoes.

Pumpkin puree, use ¾ cup of pumpkin puree for every cup of butter called for.  You can also use equal amounts of pumpkin puree in place of oil in baking.  It will affect the taste.

Mashed banana is a great low-fat substitute for butter.  Use half as much mashed banana as you would butter, and mix it in with the other ingredients.  Then add more of the banana if the mixture is too dry.  It will take some experimenting.

Lard can be used as a butter substitute.  My great grandfather hated butter and would even spread lard on his bread.  You can fry or bake with it.

As you can see, there are quite a few possible substitutes for butter.  None of them will be exactly the same as butter, but with a bit of experimenting you will find you can make something that tastes as good maybe even better.


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