Cable Ties a Great Survival Tool


There is an easy simple to use item that everyone needs to have at home, in their car and bug out bag.  Plastic cable ties are made in varies sizes from about 4 inches to 36 inches.  The most practical is 8 – 18 inches.  They are manufactured for single and multiple uses.  The reusable ones are fairly new and I have not personally used them.  The older single use ones have been part of my preps for many years.

They can be used to hold poles together for shelters

I have used them to repair my car, make outdoor shelters, build a drying rack,  and secure prisoners, (I used to work in law enforcement).  They can be used to hold a splint in place, repair a backpack or holding your clothes together.  There uses are only limited by your imagination.  They are inexpensive and available at any hardware store.  Just pull the lose end through the clip and tighten.

Cable ties used to secure prisoners

I recommend that you buy a pack and experiment with them.



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11 thoughts on “Cable Ties a Great Survival Tool”

  1. Buy only the BLACK zip ties for long term use or storage. The white, and colored ones, do not stand up very well to sunlight (UV). Neither does black, but it’s a little better. The multiple-use ones are okay for light duty or temporary usage but I’ve found it just as easy to cut the old ones and put on a new one, as long as a plentiful supply is available.

  2. A veteran who is preparing

    When using cable ties as handcuffs, use 2 of them. Loop them together already started so all you have to do is put them over the prisoners hands. Having the hands in different cuffs secured together decreases the chances of them weaseling their hands free by friction.

  3. i have kept a large stash of cable ties in the house, under the sink, in the potting shed, in the camping gear, in the orchard, and yeah just about everywhere. i have even used a cable tie to put my hair up in a ponytail. i buy the big canisters of them that include various sizes and colors..along side of my canisters of cable ties i keep a large roll of duct tape and a hammer/screwdriver.

  4. Such a simple item with a thousand practical uses. Light, easy to store in pack or car and yet its versatility would go unnoticed by many in the sudden panic of an emergency. That shows not only how many ways there are to use cable ties but also how important is mind-set and the ability to see common items as survival tools.

  5. The best cable ties are industrial strength plastic and are American made. The ones that come from China and parts east can be really cheesy. A good place to find them is

  6. Speaking of creative uses, I just recently used 2 zip ties to secure a basketball net onto the rim of our basketball goal. The little metal hooks that hold the net had finally broken from rust and the zip ties fixed it quick. I agree with Amy about buying American, another good USA company is BuyCableTies.

  7. Get Effective Stainless Steel Cable Ties

    It was interesting to know the different uses of cable ties. I liked very much to read your blog. Thanks for the amazing post.

  8. Cable ties are definitely underrated when it comes to makeshifting literally anything and it’s definitely something I would consider to having plenty of in ur bug-out bag or survival kit since yes, there are(for sure) a decent chunk of rope in your kit, but you wouldn’t want to constantly cut parts out of it when you need to zip or fix something small. Ain’t noone got enough rope to do this consistently for long period of time! So a small ziplock bag of zip ties tucked somewhere in your pack gonna save you a lot of (finite) material to spend.

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