Camp Kitchens Used by the Pioneers are Still Practical

field kitchen

Over the years, I have learned quite a bit about camp cooking by watching various historic reenactment groups.  The one I have been the most interested in were ones that involved the westward movement in the United States.  The cooking methods that they used were quite sophisticated and well developed.  Where possible they use Dutch ovens and set up nice camp kitchens.


Since they often traveled by wagon or with packhorses, their kitchens ran to the heavy size.  But they used almost the same camp kitchen in many of their homes since they frequently cooked outside.

camp kitchens
A raised fire, with a spit and hanging pot.

Dutch ovens and cast iron fry pans were some of their main cooking utensils.  Now I realize that you are not going to use these in your bug out bag.  However, in a fixed location you can set up a nice camp kitchen for outdoor cooking during the hot summer months.  The same utensils can be used in the winter but in a more sheltered spot depending on the climate in which you reside.

camp kitchen
A roast cooked on a spit over an open fire

The following are some links to prior posts that I have written on this subject.  A Simple Tripod for Cooking Outdoors  Dutch Oven Cooking with Charcoal  Burying your Dutch Oven.  They cover making your own tripods, using charcoal with a Dutch oven, and other techniques.

camp kitchen
A portable box containing, condiments, small utensils and other basic ingredients. They all fit in the box. Click on the picture to enlarge it.
camp kitchen
A smaller setup for 2 or 3 people

I would recommend that if you see any historic reenactments taking place in your area, that you go and study some of the old-fashioned ideas that are being kept alive at them.


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