How do You Carry Your Prepping Information in a Bug Out?

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One problem with the idea of bugging out is that I have this nice library of prepping information.  Now it is in books and three ring binders and takes a lot of space.  Now I have downloaded a lot of this information onto a thumb drive which I keep with my everyday carry.

Thumb drives are small, inexpensive and hold a lot of  prepping information.  The downside of a thumb drive is that you need a computer to access the information.  Recently I was given a Kindle as a gift and have been pleasantly surprised at how useful it has become.  I have downloaded quite a few free books on to it and am adding more information all the time.

Now a kindle is fairly small and can hold a tremendous amount of prepping information.  The problem with a kindle is that it requires electric power to operate.  Now this turned out to be an easy problem to solve since I always carry either a Goal Zero Nomad 7 or a Sunjack in my bug out bag.  Either of these is capable of charging a Kindle as well as charging batteries and other camp chores.

A tablet such as the Ipad will also work and be able to read the thumb drive, but in the past there have been problems with using small solar chargers to charge them.  If you decide to go the tablet route, verify that it will work with available small solar chargers.

So now with a thumb drive in my pocket and a Kindle with me, I have a good store of prepping information that I should be able to access.  This has turned out to be surprise for me; I never thought that I would be recommending a Kindle to use for prepping.

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