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Learning from Emergencies

While the nuclear and humanitarian situation in Japan continues to get worst, I am hopeful that it will not cause any major problems in the United States.  But there are lessons to be learned.

1.      As they say in real estate, location, location, location.  We don’t always get to chose where we live, but if you do there are many things to consider.  Don’t live in flood plains or low lying areas.  Try and stay off earthquake faults.  Today it is obvious; don’t live near nuclear plants, but what about chemical plants and railroads.  Find out what is near where you are thinking about living.…

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Information from Japan

A few minutes ago I spoke to a Japanese friend of mine, who has been in contact with family in Japan.  He said that other than food and water, the biggest demand was for the large size hand warmers like HeatMax or Grabber.  It is below freezing frequently in the disaster zone. They might be a good item to stock or put in your grab and go bag (seventy-two hour kit) if you live in a cold climate.


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Shutting off the utilities in an Earthquake or other Emergency

Do your loved ones know what to do after an earthquake? A lot of us have not taken the time to show our families the necessary steps to take.

1.      Know where the gas shut-off is located and how to shut it off.  Do you have the necessary wrench readily available?

2.      After you shut-off the gas, if you continue to smell it, get away from the house until the odor dissipates.   If the gas lines are damaged so that you cannot shut them off, leave the area immediately.

3.      Where is the water shut-off located?  Does it take any special tools to shut it off? …

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Food and water shortages in Japan

March 13, I am writing this as I listen to the latest news from Japan.  The disaster in Japan seems to be getting worst in some ways.  They have lost their sixth nuclear reactor and at least one has had a partial meltdown.

One thing that I noticed on the news today was that food, water, gasoline, batteries and flashlights are hard to get.  Power is out to millions of homes.  Even in areas where the homes and other buildings appear to be relatively undamaged, the stores are sold out and people are hungry and thirsty.

This should be a warning to us on the need for at least a seventy-two hour kit. …

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Earthquake Safety Guidelines

These are some basic guidelines to follow in case of an earthquake.


If you are inside when the shaking starts, you should:
• Drop, cover, and hold on. Move only a few steps to a nearby safe place. Most people
injured in earthquakes move more ten feet during the shaking.
• If you are elderly or have a mobility impairment, remain where you are, bracing
yourself in place.
• If you are in bed, stay there, hold on, and protect your head with a pillow. You are
less likely to be injured if you stay in bed. Broken glass on the floor can injure you.…

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