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How to Cook a Raccoon

How to Cook a Raccoon via Preparedness Advice

When was the last time you cooked a raccoon?  For most people that would be never. Yet for many years, raccoons were on the menu for the Native Americans and the pioneers. In parts of the south, raccoon hunting is still popular.

Raccoons have a wide range, living all over North America. They are easy to trap; my neighbor has caught quite a few when trapping to cut down the skunk population. He uses live traps and most of the time just releases the raccoons. These traps are humane and quite inexpensive.

But raccoons are edible, and if cooked right, they’re quite tasty.…

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Bird Hunting with a Fishing Line and Hook

bird huntingFirst let me put in the disclaimer, I believe bird hunting with a fishing line and hooks is probably illegal in all 50 states.  The only conditions under which I would ever recommend that you do this would be if you are in a life and death situation.

But if the situation is desperate, here is a way to catch ducks, geese, swans, seagulls and many other birds.  If you are hunting ducks first determine what kind you have. Diving ducks and sea ducks dive deep underwater to get food. Dabbling ducks feed on land or on the surface of the water.  …

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Is Archery a Good Skill for Good for Preppers?


The English longbow in use

The other night I was watching an old movie on television and they were showing archery with the English longbow.  Now I am a history buff, and have read extensively about the use of the longbow during the hundred year war between England and France. This got me to thinking about the use of archery in prepping.

Now I am not a good archer and will never be, because it takes considerable training and strength and I am too old..  During the 14th and 15th centuries, English archers were expected to shoot ten “aimed” shots per minute during battle.…

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Food Preparation Skills That Preppers Should Have

The following is a guest post from a friend on food preparation skills that all preppers should have. This post covers information on various methods of raising or hunting meat, cooking and preserving it.

A major, if not the most important part, of being a self-sustaining prepper or homesteader is having the skills and knowledge of how to prepare food. That includes how to raise, catch, and cook and preserve your own food.

Everyone has to eat!

As a prepper, you should be ready to be involved in the process from start to finish — so understanding the different ways to put and keep food on the table is essential.…

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Avoiding diseases When Dressing Game



In a TEOTWAWKI situation, we may find ourselves having to dress wild game anything from rats to deer.  Because we cannot afford to get sick under these conditions we need to be more careful about protecting ourselves from diseases while dressing the game.

There are numerous diseases that you can contact while dressing out the game or from the ticks and fleas that are leaving them.  As soon as the game begins to cool the ticks, fleas and other parasites will leave and look for new homes.  Hopeful it will not be you.

While there are many potential diseases that you can contact from wild game we will mainly concentrate on four.  …

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Cooking Snakes

cooking snakes

A rattler

This year there seems to be more rattlesnakes on the move around here.  It may just be that they are being forced to move because of the drought.  But it got me to think about cooking snakes.  Now rattlesnake tastes to me like a cross between chicken and Cornish game hens.  I like the taste.

Now rattlesnakes are not hard to prepare.  You can use the same techniques for cooking other types of snakes; just the taste may be different.  I don’t know of any snakes that will hurt you to eat as long as you aren’t bit.

cooking snakes

Cut up and ready to put in brine

To prepare your rattlesnake, first cut  the head off about 4 inches behind head.…

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A Review of the Condor Primitive Bush Knife

condor primitive bush knifeI recently received a new knife and today I took it out for a test run.  The knife is the Condor Primitive Bush Knife that is a copy of the one Matt Graham uses on Duel Survivor.  It is an interesting knife and has some pro and con.

The biggest con that I found is the sheath.  I plain don’t like and would not carry it.  The sheath is designed so that the knife will fit in either direction.  This is supposed to make it work for left or right-handed people.  The knife fits very deeply into the sheath and since it lacks a belt loop, I find it hard to get out with only one hand.  …

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Fish Hooks can be Used for Bird Hunting

fish hooksNow the first thing I want to explain that hunting birds with fish hooks is probably illegal everywhere.  This should only be used as a method of last resort when your life is at stake.  But if the situation is desperate, here is a way to catch ducks, geese or swans and many other birds.

First, let’s talk about waterfowl.  Most waterfowl fall into one of two classes these are diving or dabbling.  Using ducks for an example.  Diving ducks and sea ducks dive deep underwater to get food.  Dabbling ducks feed on land or on the surface of the water.  …

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Hunting Wild Hogs with a Trashcan

hunting wild hogsA few years ago, I was down by Hollister in Northern California with a bunch of half crazy 4-wheel drive enthusiasts.  Now we were in an area with lots of wild hogs.  They were quite plentiful and some of the group wanted to go hunting wild hogs and do a bit of barbecuing.  Now we were in a no shooting area, so we needed an alternate plan.

With a bit of ingenuity we were able to capture and kill a wild hog with available items.  First, we found an old sturdy trashcan and some leftover chicken.  A couple of holes were punched in the bottom of the trash can and the chicken was then wired to the bottom with some old wire we found. …

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Hunting Quietly Without Attracting the Attention of Your Neighbors

hunting quietly

Snares can be made in all sizes

I have been giving some thought lately on hunting quietly.  By that, I mean to hunt without attracting the attention from your neighbors that a normal gunshot would make.   Unless you live way out in the country, a gunshot will attract unwanted attention.  So I have several suggestions on hunting quietly.

The first method I am going to suggest is to use snares.  This may be the best method, these work all the time, whether or not you are present.  If a neighbor were to find a snare, they may not know who placed it. …

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