Solar Powered Light Bulb by Nokero a Review

Solar Powered Light Bulb by Nokero

It was my birthday a while back and my daughter sent me a box of miscellaneous preparedness items, she thought I might like to look at.  One of the items that I was aware of and had wanted to play with was the Nokero Crestone solar powered light bulb.  This is a small solar powered unit with four LED bulbs.  It was designed to be used in third world countries.

The Nokero Crestone solar powered light bulb works for indoor and outdoor lighting, including cooking, reading, camping and emergency lighting.  I have played with this one for a couple of months and have had no complaints.  While the charger appears very close in design to the solar powered yard lights, it seems to put out a bit more light.

Solar Powered Light Bulb by Nokero
You can see that the solar panel is very close in size to the ones in the yard lights.

It has two brightness settings and will lasts up to 6+ hours on low and 2 hours on high.  It has one rechargeable AA NiMH 1.2v battery included.  With a better battery like an Eneloop  it may last longer.  In an emergency, it could be used to charge batteries for other purposes.  While it works well and is a nice design, at $12.95 to $15.00 each I am not sure that it justifies the cost over solar powered yard lights.  The yard lights are not quite as bright but can be found on sale quite cheaply.  I have bought packages of 4 to 6 for about $15.00 when they are on sale.

Both the yard lights and the Nokero Crestone solar powered light bulb will automatically shut off in the presence of

Solar Powered Light Bulb by Nokero
They are easy to open to change the battery

bright lights.  The yard light also has the ability to be used to charge batteries in an emergency.  In addition to the Nokero Crestone, they make other sizes of solar powered light bulbs; I have not had the chance to review these.

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The bottom line is while these are a nice design and work, from a cost stand point you would be better off to buy inexpensive solar powered yard lights when they come on sale.


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4 thoughts on “Solar Powered Light Bulb by Nokero a Review”

  1. Howard, I was playing with one of these last night. They are bright enough for me to read by…. The yard lights, I have several different brands, are really not bright enough for me to read by.. As we get older, as you know, our eyesight is not what it used to be. Anyway, I am pleased with the Nokero lights…

  2. Yard lights are even cheaper than you think. Target special last week was selling stainless steel or plastic ones for a $1 a piece.

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