Make your Own Deep Well Bucket

This is a re-run of an old post. The reason is that one of our readers has made an improvement to the design. It is shown at the bottom.  A simple method for getting water out of a deep well without electricity is shown below.
Attach a rope to the PVC pipe and lower the bucket down the 4 to 6 inch well shaft, and let it sink into the water.  The rubber flapper will act like a foot valve and rise up against the wires when it hits the water.  This will allow the water to enter the pipe.  When you start to pull it up, the weight of the water will push the rubber flapper down against the reducer and seal the bottom of the bucket.

Matt from Oklahoma made three the other day and by using screws in place of the wires to hold the flapper  in place simplified the design. If you want to learn how to reuse buckets for other purposes this article will help.

His finished buckets
Notice the screw instead of the wire










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12 thoughts on “Make your Own Deep Well Bucket”

  1. The rope that attaches to the pipe, should not be attached so that any of the rope is outside the bucket. As the bucket is raised and lowered it will wear away on the well pipe and you will lose the bucket down the well. Stick a bolt through the bucket and attach the rope to the bolt.
    Also attach a stick to the other end of the rope as a T so it all doesn’t slip down the well.

  2. I have my bucket but am trying to find the correct rope for my 140 ft well. Any suggestions on diameter and material? I am thinking 3/8 in. dont know if I will ever use it so the rope will be stored in my garage.

  3. I need a foot valve for a 3″plastic pipe! i have a antique bucket. no good, if I had a foot valve I could make one!

  4. How long is this unit – it appears to be approximately 18″ long. If the cylinder is 3″ inside diameter by 18″ long, that produces 508 cubic inches or 2.2 gallons. Each gallon a bit over 8 lbs, that will require lifting 17 pounds up the well casing.

    Just trying to figure out the effort – that bolt fixture is well recommended. Carriage bolts (round headed) would also assist in not getting stuck.

    Thanks for ideas !

  5. We have tried a golf ball and a 35mm marble at the bottom of our well bucket. Golf ball worked great 1st time , brought up just over a gallon of water. Second and third tries, the water leaked out on the way up. Marble didn’t seal the hole any better. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  6. Hi, I just put together one of these using 2″ pipe, and tried it in my well which has a 6″ casing and existing submersible electric pump installed. It dropped down fine until it hit a hard stop at about 20 feet down. I previously had tried an “earth straw”, which I think is only 1″ diameter, and had no problem getting it down 50 feet (it worked once or twice then was useless I think due to the poor design (flexible pipe at the pump portion at the bottom)). Any Idea what I’m running into at 20 feet? Could the casing be wider than the actual drilled hole in the rock below?

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