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How to Repair Fasteners on Field Gear and Clothing

Hopefully you have stocked up on a good selection of sewing supplies.  So you look in your supplies and find a zipper repair kit.  Instead of having to rip out the old one, which you may or may not have a replacement for, you can save time and money by replacing what is wrong with it.  I don’t know about you, but it’s hard to replace zippers in coats and jackets, even in jeans.

These are some of the types of kits, I found on the internet:

  • Zipper kit for; outdoor gear like tents, backpacks and tents
  • Zipper kit for: clothing
  • Zipper kit for; tab replacement
  • Ezy zipper Glide; helps with sticky zippers

Now this is just one example of how you can solve a problem with a little bit of preplanning. …

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Sewing Supplies, You Need at Least a Minimum Kit

sewing suppliesWell folks our grandson is getting married in a few weeks, so of course we are having the round of bridal showers for his fiancé.  I thought this would be a good time to fill a new sewing box I had picked up.  I couldn’t tell if she was kidding or not but she looked at it and said, ”what is this for.”  Everyone laughed, but how many girls out there don’t know how to sew or what sewing supplies they need..

Over the years, I have had many friends ask me to fix their clothes for them.  Sewing was taught in school when I went to school.  …

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Sewing, a Necessary Skill for All Preppers

Just recently, my granddaughter was getting all excited about learning how to sew.  Her dad’s mother gave her an old sewing machine and she was trying to learn how to thread it and how to put the bobbin in right.  She finally asked me to help her; the only problem was that the machine was so old there was no way of setting the tension right to sew.  She was so disappointed.  I was disappointed for her because I wanted to teach her.  Learning how to sew a button or put a hem up on a pair of pants or dress is an important prep.…

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