How to Convert a Coleman Stove to Use a 5-gallon Propane Tank.

If you have a Coleman stove that works on the small propane canisters, you can readily adapt it to work off a five- gallon propane tank.  This lets you run your stove almost 20 times longer without refueling.  It takes a simple adapter that is sold by Coleman.  The adapter goes between the hose and the tank.  You can also get an 8 ft hose so that your propane tank can be set further from the stove.

A Coleman Stove connected to a 5 gallon propane tank.

It is cheaper to buy your propane in the larger tanks.  The main advantage of the small tanks is ease of movement.  Personally, if I have to bug out and were to take a Coleman stove, I would be leaving by vehicle and the 5-gallon propane tank would be easier to load.

Here you can see the adapter in place between the hose and the tank.

My experience with a Coleman stove has been good.  I have always found them to be reliable.  If you have multiple 5 gallon tanks stashed you could cook for quite a number of months.  Because we would use it in conjunction with a Sun Oven and a Wonder box, it is hard to give you an estimate of just how long the propane would last.

Coleman 5 Ft. High-Pressure Propane Hose and Adapter
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Propane is one of the easiest and safest fuels to store as long as you use some common sense and follow the rules put out by your local fire department.

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9 thoughts on “How to Convert a Coleman Stove to Use a 5-gallon Propane Tank.”

  1. GoneWithTheWind

    Hmmmm! I have a motor home. The propane tank seems to have a different fill attachment then a five gallon propane tank does. It would be useful to run my propane barbecue off the motor home propane tank. Any ideas?

  2. I bought a 100 gallon propane tank from Lowes and had it filled with LP. I thought I could use same for a long while to fuel my camp stove, but found that I could buy an adapter to refill the small green bottles for my Coleman stove, lanterns, etc…. They fill due to pressure equalization. Haven’t tried yey, but thought it was a good option. I will buy the adapter to use 5 gallon tanks on my Coleman camp stove as that is an excellent option. I urge folks to look at the Rocket stoves that Howard mentioned, as well. I KNOW they work with minimal fuel and maximum efficiency.

  3. Manuel Medellin Jr

    Thanks for the conversion fr green bottle to 5 GALLON propane. Awe some idea as I’m trying to covert my 12 ft pop up to hardside. Any ideas?

  4. Can I use a 20 lb conatiner of propane my stove coleman dosent have a hose just a metal arm with regulator
    thanks kathy

  5. the photo of the adapter used to connect an 5 gallon propaine tank an coleman camping stove is useful but it dose NOT tell you the part # and what hose is needed ? and if an additional regulator is needed ? its difficult to obtain everything with all of the necessary information

  6. I just picked up a 5′ adapter hose that was listed as a Coleman on “that auction site”, but is marked Accuflex from Canada. Rated at 350psig and fitted with Sturgis fittings…looks to be of quality build, so I won’t complain. Screws straight into the 20 pound bottle valve and the regulator arm of the stove. Should last for several months in the field.

  7. Hi all, just use a wood fired rocket stove and don’t need gas at all. Super efficient, clean, and with little sticks everywhere I never need to look for fuel. A lot of versions, I think the EcoZoom is absolutely the best (if driving, to heavy for hiking).

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