Cooking with A Wonder Box/Oven Thermal Cooker

wonder box/oven

Summer is fast approaching and so is the hot weather. My wife doesn’t like heat, so she is always concerned about heating up the kitchen when cooking. One of her tricks is to use the Wonder Box/Oven. This is a simple homemade thermal cooker. It not only helps to keep your kitchen cool, but it also saves you money on fuel.

They are basically a well-insulated box that holds a preheated pan and lets the food cook from the retained heat. At the bottom of the page are a couple of links that will help you to make one for yourself. When the lid is on, they also contain cooking odors to some degree, making it less likely that anyone will know you are preparing food.

My wife like to cook foods such as roasts, stews, soups and bread in them, but the variety of foods you can cook is only limited by your imagination. When we go camping or out in the hills for a day, my wife will cook a stew or chili and place it in the Wonder box/oven before we leave. We will put the Wonder box/oven in the car and when we arrive, we will have a hot cooked meal. You can also use them to keep foods cold. We have used ours to transport ice cream.

The Wonder box/oven is easy to use. Put your stew or chili on the stove and bring them up to a boil. Simply place the pan in the Wonder box/oven and cover with the insulation, so that the heat is retained in the food. It will then cook on its own. Don’t open the box until you are ready to eat. Your food won’t burn, but if left in to long it can get cold or dry out.

Here are some additional links including one that shows you a pattern on how to make one and some other ideas.

Like almost everything there is a learning curve. Start using yours now and save money on fuel and it will help keep the temperature down in your kitchen this summer.

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