Cross Training Your Family

I recently spoke with several women who did not know how to do simple thing like turning the gas and water of in an emergency.  The funny thing is that they knew a lot about food storage and how to bake bread etc.  But over the years even thought they were preparing; they had fallen into the traditional roles of men jobs and women’s jobs.

Maybe it is time for a bit of cross training between husbands and wife’s.  In an emergency situation, there is no guarantee you will both be home.  You both need to know the basis, for instant.

  • How to turn off the water
  • How to turn off the gas and how to safely turn it back on.
  • How to turn off the electricity.
  • If required where are the tools that are required to safely turn the utilities off.
  • How to start a generator if needed
  • How to get access to water if the power and water are turned off
  • How to cook a meal with all the utilities turned off
  • How to keep your food from spoiling with no electricity for refrigeration.
  • How to take care of any life stock you may own
  • How to take care of your garden
  • How to secure your property
  • How to contact each other
  • How to use a fire extinguisher
  • Where to go if forced to evacuate
  • How to find the children
  • How to stay warm without heat
  • How to jump start the car
  • What to take with you if forced to evacuate
  • How to take care of an injury
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Every emergency is different.   Read  and practise all you can and when needed the training will come back to you. Just remember that in an emergency you may have to depend on yourself.


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1 thought on “Cross Training Your Family”

  1. Matt in Oklahoma

    aahhh yes the things crazy ole Dad makes us do. LOL Yep till the day I aint there and then they act proud cause they knew how LOL

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