Do You have a Good Flashlight?

Now I have to admit something I like flashlights, I have all kinds of them.  I have so many my wife thinks, it is a joke.  I normally have two on me, both Fenix’s.  In my house, it is impossible to be very far away from one.

In case of a serious long-term emergency, there are many ways of lighting your home, from solar, kerosene lanterns, generators, etc, now I think these are all good.  In fact, I have several different methods, but I still like the convenience of a flashlight.  It is a rare day when I don’t use one at least one time.

I keep one by my bed and at various places throughout the house.  There are several designated places where one is always located.  Now I have played with the shake and wind up flashlights and I suggest you don’t waste your money on them, I have not found one that would hold up or provide decent light.  Now solar flashlights are another story, I have found good solar powered ones that work well, in particular the Hybridlight.  I have had a couple sitting in a window ledge for over two years now and they stay charged and work well.  They give a reasonable amount of light.

Overall, I like the LED flashlights the best. They provide good light and use little energy.  Now you are probably wondering what I do for batteries.  I store a number of the Eneloop batteries made by Sanyo.  Costco seems to almost always have them in stock at a very reasonable price.  These batteries will take up to 1500 charges and will stay charged up to 3 years.  With these and a solar powered battery charger, my flashlights will run for years.

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Now don’ forget to have a good battery powered headlamp.  These are great, they let you use both hands.  Now you don’t have to buy the most expensive flashlight, in fact most of mine didn’t cost me an arm and a leg.  A lot of the more inexpensive brands are quit sturdy and well worth the money.

Now I am not saying you have to be like me and have a lot of flashlights, but you need at least one by your bed and a couple of other locations in your home or vehicle so that you can always find one in an emergency.


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  1. Amazon has spacers so an Eneloop AA can be used to replace a C or D cell. Won’t last as long of course but good to have an option.

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