Taste Test of Dehydrated and Freeze Dried Foods part 2

Here is day two’s post on the taste test.  As you can see from yesterday’s results, there were many variations in the judging.  In opening all the packages, I noticed a considerable difference in the way the various products were packaged.  For oxygen removal, some used nitrogen, some oxygen absorber and some I couldn’t tell.

The big thing you need to check is that residual oxygen should be no more than 5%, preferably less than 2%.  If your supplier cannot provide you with this information and back it up with lab tests, run and find another dealer.

Watch what the companies say about shelf life.  Do they give a guarantee?  I notice that a lot of companies give vague shelf life’s, saying things like can keep for up to 25 years.  What exactly does that mean?

Here are the results of the entrees.


Mountain House Turkey Tetrazzini

  • Taste 7.8
  • Texture 6.8
  • Appearance 4.4
  • Overall 6.6
  • Calories per serving 290
  • Sodium 770

Remarks, I was set off by the gray/green appearance, but the taste/texture was good; uneven texture, drab color processed flavor rather apparent; meat is grayish; good; good tasting and not too strong, tasted fresh.

Efoods Direct Cheesy Chix Rice Casserole

  • Taste 4.6
  • Texture 5.8
  • Appearance 4.2
  • Overall 4
  • Calories per serving 269
  • Sodium 912mg

Remarks, good cheesy/flavor with good sauce, consistency peas were squished, could use more color; too liquid, has an artificial bitter taste; Would never buy this if I had pre-tasted,  not pleasant flavor; hot weak taste, texture ok; bland needs more substance.

Mountain House spaghetti and beef sauce

  • Taste 4.6
  • Texture 5.4
  • Appearance 5.8
  • Overall 5
  • Calories per serving 220
  • Sodium 760mg

Remarks, very meaty and looks good, but the flavor is lacking, tastes like spaghettios; so so, bad after taste;  nice bright tomato color, hearty good flavor, like ravioli but better, nice level of fat; ok like canned spaghetti; reminded me of spaghetteos.

Mountain House beef stroganoff with noodles

  • Taste 8.8
  • Texture 8.6
  • Appearance 8.6
  • Overall 8.7
  • Calories per serving 250
  • Sodium 730mg

Remarks, good tasting, tasted like the noodles were fresh; easy to recognize, firm consistency;  great would enjoy this for a meal in a pinch; down home cooking, but not exceptionally seasoned; looked great, meaty, good consistency, followed by great flavor.

Mountain House beef stew

  • Taste 6.4
  • Texture 5.6
  • Appearance 7
  • Overall 6.6
  • Calories per servings 210
  • Sodium 870mg

Remarks, great color and consistency, a little chewy; so so; nice stew; good taste, texture a little springy; a little spongy, but had good flavor.

Long Range Patrol Rations from Freeze Dry Guy, Mexican rice and chicken

  • Taste, 4.2
  • Texture 3.6
  • Appearance 4.6
  • Overall 4.6
  • Calories per serving 630
  • Sodium 1830mg

Remarks, nice warm Mexican spices; some may like this, but not my choice; strong flavor but not impressive; spicy; good taste.

Long Range Patrol Rations from Freeze Dry Guy, turkey tetrazzini

  • Taste 7.2
  • Texture 5.6
  • Appearance 5.8
  • Overall 6
  • Calories per serving 610
  • Sodium 1590mg

Remarks, pasty taste; good flavor, a little musty and salty; good taste, stick to your ribs, nice casserole flavor;  nice flavor and nice on the palate.

Wise cheesy lasagna

  •  Taste, 2.8
  • Texture 4.6
  • Appearance 4.6
  • Overall 3.8
  • Calories per serving 260
  • Sodium 1170mg

Remarks, a little pasty tasting; not good; no good; great appearance, texture of hamburger helper, very poor flavor, blah taste.

Wise ala king and rice

  • Taste 2
  • Texture 3
  • Appearance 2
  • Overall 2
  • Calories per serving 180
  • Sodium 80mg

Remarks, salty, poor taste; creamed peas with rice, green color and very poor flavor; creamed yuck; mystery food; no idea what it is, interesting color.

AlpineAire chicken gumbo

  • Taste 5.6
  • Texture 6.6
  • Appearance 7.4
  • Overall 6.8
  • Calories per serving 270
  • Sodium 480

Remarks, spicy; had a little spice to it, could have been more moist; way too salty, would be good if salt reduced by 70%; good taste; great presentation, color and good flavor, don’t see much chicken.

AlpineAire roast beef and hash

  • Taste, 2.6
  • Texture 3.4
  • Appearance 3.8
  • Overall 3
  • Calories per servings 220
  • Sodium 570mg

Remarks, good texture, but older taste; potatoes tasted spongy; blah needs some spice; tasted old.

Provident Pantry teriyaki noodles with chicken

  • Taste  4
  • Texture 3.4
  • Appearance 3.4
  • Overall 3.8
  • Calories per serving 350
  • Sodium 850mg

Remarks, flavor ok, texture poor; good spice, a little thick; spicy, overly sweet; flavor not balanced, pasty texture, poor overall; has a nice teriyaki taste.

Honeyville Farms fettuccine Alfred with chicken

  • Taste  7
  • Texture 6.4
  • Appearance 6.6
  • Overall 7.4
  • Calories per serving 230
  • Sodium 790mg

Remakes, good flavor and texture, appealing; smooth sauce; great taste nice and creamy; tasted great.


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