Taste Test of Dehydrated and Freeze Dried Foods

Well the results of the taste test are in.  First, I am going to explain the methodology that was used for the test.  A panel of five people was chosen that were not overly familiar with any of the brands of food that were in the test.  The panel met at one location and was given the foods without any information.  They were not told either the product  or brand. After tasting the products, they then scored them on a scale of one to ten.  The foods were judged on four factors, taste, texture, appearance and an overall score.  They were instructed to use five as a base line for average and if they varied from this to make comments as to why.

The panel tested fifty items and did a great job.  As you read the results, you will see that on occasions there were great variations in the judging of a product by them.  Most products received some good and bad reviews depending on the tastes of the individual panelist.

Below you will find the list of individual items.  They are divided into groups such as entree and dairy.  Under the name of each item you will find the following information.  The average score of all five panelists for taste, texture, appearance and overall.  In addition, you will find calories per serving, sodium and a remarks section.  The reason for the calories per serving is that there is great variation on what constitutes a serving, varying from ¼ cup clear up to 21 ounces.  Calories per serving will give you some idea of what you are receiving for your money.  Sodium is listed because I feel it is good information for you to have.  The remarks section is a compilation of the various remarks the judges made. Any comments enclosed by () are made by me.

I will be posting the information over the next three days.  Additionally there will be more information to help you decide on what companies to choose.

Here is soups, meats and miscellaneous.


Ready Reserve ABC soup mix

  • Taste 4.4
  • Texture 5.4
  • Appearance 5.2
  • Overall 5.2
  • Calories per serving 80
  • Sodium 80mg

Remarks, definitely needs some spices; great soup starter with substance & texture; not my style; tastes nutritious; good neutral taste for a base.

Efoods Direct potato Soup

  • Taste 6.6
  • Texture  6.8
  • Appearance 6.4
  • Overall 6.8
  • Calorie per serving 150
  • Sodium 720mg

Remarks, creamy texture, not too salty; great taste; needs more color and carrots;, bland taste; texture a little grainy.

Ready reserve beef soup base

  • Taste 8.2
  • Texture 8.6
  • Appearance 8.6
  • Overall 8.4
  • Calories per serving 10
  • Sodium 725mg

Remarks, full of flavor, rich flavor; great beef stock; good broth, good base for gravy; good bullion; tastes like beef broth.

Efoods tortilla soup

  • Taste 7
  • Texture 7
  • Appearance 8
  • Overall 7.2
  • Calories per serving 94
  • Sodium 451mg

Remarks, very tasty, nice texture lots of different flavors; good flavor and texture; nicely flavored, tastes hardy; stands out, great spices and great ingredients, meat was exceptional (note this is a meatless dish); great texture and appearance, looks fresh, to heavy of a chili powder taste;

Thrive garden vegetable chowder

  • Taste 4.4
  • Texture 4
  • Appearance 5.2
  • Overall 4.4
  • Calories per serving 150
  • Sodium 720

Remarks salty; has a strong and terrible butter flavor; did not like it was blah; great creamy texture and good flavor; left sour milk taste on back of pallet.


Yoders Bacon

  • Taste 8.2
  • Texture 7
  • Appearance 7.6
  • Overall 7.6
  • Calories per serving 60
  • Sodium 190

Remarks, a good bacon sample; tasted great; very good for packaged bacon; not crisp; great smell and looked meaty, a little greasy but expected.

Wise roasted chicken

  • Taste 5.6
  • Texture 5.2
  • Appearance 5.4
  • Overall 5.4
  • Calories per serving 50
  • Sodium 85

Remarks, very good tasting, would be good in a sandwich; ok a little salty; dry would need lots of mayo to make a good chicken sandwich; people need to stay at least one mile away; would work well with chicken salad or casserole.

Wise roasted ground beef

  • Taste 7.2
  • Texture 7.6
  • Appearance 7.6
  • Overall 7.6
  • Calories per serving
  • Sodium

Remarks, good texture and color, very versatile as ground meats; not bad, amazing that it tastes fresh; taste great, a little salty; taste very good for a freeze dried meat.


Ready Reserves Chocolate Pudding

  • Taste 8
  • Texture 8
  • Appearance 7.8
  • Overall 8
  • Calories per serving 60
  • Sodium 190mg

Remarks, texture consistency was great; full of flavor; the taste seemed unnatural; almost as good as homemade; excellent quality doesn’t taste packaged

Ready Reserve cinnamon apple granola

  • Taste 3.6
  • Texture 5
  • Appearance 4.6
  • Overall 4.2
  • Calories per serving 100
  • Sodium 15mg

Remarks, good taste but left a little residual after taste; leaves a bad after taste and smells like stale oil; no nuts no sweetening; nothing remarkable; bitter taste,


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