Grow Bags Can be a Useful Tool for Hidden Gardens

grow bags

A couple of years ago we started to experiment with raised bed gardening.  A large part of the reason was that with age and arthritis it gets harder to bend over.  After looking at all the options, it turned out that is was cheaper to purchase livestock drinking troughs and use them for planters.  So far it has worked out great.  Now we have added grow bags to our gardening.

A while back, I was in a gardening store located not to far from my home.  It was a shop that I had not been in before and it turned out to be an unusual store.  Its gardening products catered to the medicinal marijuana market.  It was the Quail Mountain Ranch 

grow bags
One of the grow bags

Now I am not raising marijuana and don’t intent to in the future.  But I did find a few things in the store that would be useful for preppers.  One was the grow bags.  These are a heavy-duty bag that are designed to be used to grow plants in unusual areas.  They even had some in camouflage.

We purchased a couple of the bags to experiment with and are growing broccoli in one.  They are easy to use and are strong enough that you can move a full bag if you are careful.  They tell me that with care the bags will last several seasons.  The bags come in all kinds of sizes.  If you wanted to raise an indoor garden or maybe one located in a hidden or inhospitable area this would work well.  My wife says she will use them to grow plants in small areas where is is hard or impossible to grow them in the ground.

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grow bags
One of the drying racks.

The same store also had some very interesting drying racks that are made of a screen material and will let you dry a lot of produce in a small area.  They also protect your food from insects.

If there is a store like this in your area, you might want to take a look and see what they carry.  They have many things that can be adapted to our purposes.


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  1. I have an herb garden that pretty much die every winter since it gets too cold outside. If I used one of these bags then I could move it indoors when the temperature drops and keep it growing all winter. Do the bags hold in water, or would I need to put them on a tray to catch the runoff? This might also be helpful for my sister who moves a lot and can’t plant a permanent garden. Thanks for hte idea!

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