Helpful Hints on Food Storage Cooking to Make your Food taste Better

helpful hints on food storage

Here are some helpful hints on food storage that may help some new preppers and hopefully some seasoned ones.  We need to learn how to make our food not only look good but it needs to be appetizing.  These are some hints that I received from the LDS Church

Helpful Hints on Food Storage

      • Is your storage of the highest quality?
      • Use the foods that you are used to cooking and your family will eat.  It takes 3 months for your body to adjust to new foods.
      • Storing herbs and spices is easy, but you do have to rotate them to keep them fresh.  Growing what you use and dehydrating them every year is work but think of the flavor you add to your cooking.
      • Make sure you have a hand grinder and know how to use it.
      • Cooking oil is very important.  You get calories and flavor using it to cook with.
      • Think of cooking beans and combining them with rice, wheat or corn for a complete protein.
      • Add a little sugar to dehydrated veggies to improve the flavor.
      • Add a little vanilla to powered milk and then chill.
      • Also store a variety of grains like rye, millet, barley and spelt.  Allergies to wheat are getting more common.
      • Add canned meats and fish.  MRE’s have meat in them, but not everyone likes the taste and the storage life is not real good.
      • Stored water may taste flat when you use it, aerate it by pouring in another container and back again.  Keep flavor packs like Tang, Kool-Aid, Gatorade powder, etc in your storage to improve the taste of water.
      • Sprouting seeds are also very valuable.  Keep a good variety for fresh food.
      • Bouillon, packages of taco mix, beef and chicken flavors, tomato powder, butter powder and cheese powder.
      • You’re most important items for are baking are soda/baking powder, powdered eggs, yeast, onions, garlic and salt.

As I continue to prepare and store, I have been sealing meals in jars also.  If your children like Mac and Cheese, you can seal the noodles and powered cheese in a jar and you’re ready to cook.  Here is some links to posts on sealing your meals in jars. Food Saver Jar Sealer  Some tips on how to save food with your Food Saver   See my Wife’s Food Saver Demo


Think spaghetti with dehydrated hamburger.  Store the ingredients for chicken casseroles, dehydrated bell peppers, chicken, noodles and seasonings.

Use your imagination and who knows what great meals you will have in your storage.  As always, try what you store and get use to the flavors.

Happy cooking and please send me any helpful hints on food storage you have.

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