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Actually, Make Your Home a General Store  is the title of an article I read in Meridian Magazine an LDS publication.  While this preparedness article is written from a religious point of view, it makes a great point of looking at your storage as a general store.

The author Carolyn Nicolaysen stated the following “ For the past year I have encouraged readers to look at their home inventory of food and supplies as a kind of “General Store.” Why a General Store?  Just generations ago, a General Store was the source of all the basic goods required to care for and sustain a family.  A General Store stocked food, clothing, fabric, gardening tools, seeds, medications, shoes – everything you needed.”

Her premise is that we should think of our home storage as a general store, and not just an emergency storage.  We are stocking up the items that our family will use all the time.  Some food items may be for long-term storage, some for use in the immediate future.  The same for everything else we store.

I can still remember a general store located in a small town I lived in for a short period of time as a child in Michigan.  You could find an amazing selection of items.  A lot of people in the area did most of their shopping in that store.  If it wasn’t there they would order it from a catalog.  But the store had most of what was needed.

Think of your home store as a store, one you shop at almost every day.  You are in charge of the stock and you know what foods your family likes and will eat.  You know what seeds, clothing, shoes and camping  equipments your family needs.  You know what foods you can produce or hunt.  You know what you can grow, home can or preserve.  Think in terms of shopping in your general store and just going out to restock.

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The article goes into the concept in more depth than I have.  If you read the article you may not agree with the theology, but I bet that most of you will agree with the idea of making your home a general store.


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2 thoughts on “Make Your Home a General Store”

  1. I think this is a wonderful idea. Seems when you prep it turns into stuff, stuffed in your house. But to consider it a general store is delightful.
    Sure wish I had all the stuff in the picture.

  2. This is kind of the way my family prepares. We dont have the storage to last a really long time – still working on that part – but we try to buy more than we need when we buy food, to slowly build our food storage up with food we eat all the time anyways. Thanks for posting a summary of the article.

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