Major War in Europe?

Major war

I received this from a friend who has sent me lots of good information in the past.  Read the following comments and the linked information and you will see why he is concerned about the possibility of a major war in Europe.


There is a growing chorus of political analysts, arms control experts, and government officials who are sounding the alarm, trying to call the world’s attention to its drift toward disaster. The prospect of a major war, even a nuclear war, in Europe has become thinkable, they warn, even plausible.

What they describe is a threat that combines many of the hair-trigger dangers and world-ending stakes of the Cold War with the volatility and false calm that preceded World War I — a comparison I heard with disturbing frequency.

They described a number of ways that an unwanted but nonetheless major war, like that of 1914, could break out in the Eastern European borderlands. The stakes, they say, could not be higher: the post–World War II peace in Europe, the lives of thousands or millions of Eastern Europeans, or even, in a worst-case scenario that is remote but real, the nuclear devastation of the planet.

In Washington, the threat feels remote. It does not in Eastern Europe. Baltic nations, fearing war, have already begun preparing for it. So has Sweden: “We see Russian intelligence operations in Sweden — we can’t interpret this in any other way — as preparation for military operations against Sweden,” a Swedish security official announced in March.

In May, Finland’s defense ministry sent letters to 900,000 citizens — one-sixth of the population — telling them to prepare for conscription in case of a “crisis situation.” Lithuania has reinstituted military conscription. Poland, in June, appointed a general who would take over as military commander in case of war.

Though Western publics remain blissfully unaware, and Western leaders divided, many of the people tasked with securing Europe are treating conflict as more likely. In late April, NATO and other Western officials gathered in Estonia, a former Soviet republic and NATO member on Russia’s border that Western analysts most worry could become ground zero for a major war with Russia.

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As RAND’s F. Stephen Larrabee wrote in one of the increasingly urgent warnings that some analysts are issuing, “The Russia that the United States faces today is more assertive and more unpredictable — and thus, in many ways, more dangerous — than the Russia that the United States confronted during the latter part of the Cold War.”

In April of last year, just after Russia had annexed Crimea, the London-based think tank Chatham House published a report on the dangers of unintended nuclear conflict. It was not pegged to the events in Ukraine, and at that point few people, including the report’s authors, saw Crimea as the potential beginning of a larger conflict. Even still, it was dire in its warnings.

“The probability of inadvertent nuclear use is not zero and is higher than had been widely considered,” it stated. “The risk associated with nuclear weapons is high” and “under-appreciated.”

Their warnings were widely ignored. As the report itself noted, the world has concluded, wrongly, that nuclear weapons no longer pose an imminent threat. Attention has moved on. But the seeds of a possible war are being sown in Europe. Should the worst happen, which is a remote but real possibility, the consequences will follow all Americans to their homes.

Now that you have read his comments follow the link to the article,  How World War III became possible  It will show you how a major war could occur.



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13 thoughts on “Major War in Europe?”

  1. With the Greek situation having no real possibility for a positive outcome, it is easy to imagine how Putin’s Russia could offer Greece a deal it couldn’t refuse, in exchange for naval bases and warm water port facilities in the Med. This would cause anxiety in NATO and be welcomed by Iran as a distraction of America which is already bogged down by the Administration’s incompetent, inept and naive foreign policy.

    1. That is a dream come true for Putin and frankly I don’t understand why he hasn’t taken advantage of the situation yet.

  2. gonewiththewind

    Yes a major war is possible and yes it would probably become nuclear. This is not new. I was stationed in Germany for four years in the late 60’s not because the U.S. liked to send our military there but to make a war too costly to even consider. That is the prevailing military belief at the time was that if Russia wanted to invade Germany in a massive blitzkrieg that they could reach the channel/Atlantic within 48 hours and effectively destroy the European’s military and the hundreds of thousands of Americans stationed there AND their families. Russia had the power then and they have it today. BUT what would happen next? There is zero possibility that America would let them get away with it and each of the European countries would also be in full war mode. Putin proved he can invade the Ukraine but that is not central and Northern Europe. “Maybe” he can invade Eastern Lithuania without a massive response But even there I doubt it. There is a red line and it may seem “fuzzy” but most Europeans have a good idea where it is and America did too prior to the present president being elected. Putin would have to be stupid to “invade”.
    However I suspect Putin could nibble around at the edges and put communist in power and cause considerable trouble. But, THAT isn’t “war”.

  3. Some think so, and some think not…but it only takes one fool at the controls, or one rogue nation with nothing to lose. There are far too many buttons out there in the dark tonight with bleary eyed caffeine overdosed sentinels on watch to ‘think’ nuclear holocaust is more than one computer glitch away, or hey Mike, what is this switch for…click…oops! Sleep easy Patriots.

  4. Unfortunately, we DO have an inept fool at the controls, totally clueless of the threats of multiple rogue nations, at least one of them truly having nothing to lose, a academic egotist with no real world experience, who continually ignores the learned counsel of career intelligence analysts, military experts and diplomats. The media and the majority public who re-elected him are admiring the King’s New Clothes and are more interested in experiments in social engineering than preserving world peace.

    We are effectively England in 1938, and there will be no America to come to the rescue as it did in 1917 and 1941….

    1. I think it is happening and not to far off.I think that is why caMORON is spending so much time in Europe, organising how the UK is to become a part of the German controlled EU State. I am 21 year ex Army explosives expert.I have done 3 tours Northen Ireland, I tour Cyrus when the eoka war broke out,I was in the Falklands war and believe me I can handle myself But believe me I am scared SH****SS over what caMORON is doing to our wonderful country.

  5. I Live in Cardiff ,South Wales,UK and have always been a follower of you U.S Preppers but have always believed that “IT COULNT HAPPEN HERE” because we have a good system of control.BUT nopw I say “NOT ANY MORE”. Since the conservatives started ruling this country, all our human rights have been given away and our “so called” Leader has sold the whole of the UK out to there EU Masters.Wales is a seperate country to England, as is Scotland and Northern Ireland but Westminister still rules us with a ro0d of steel. English laws do not take into the other countries in the UK at all & more and more people are standing up and shouting at David Cameron our P.M. He has spenre time recently with his paymasters in the EU than he has in the UK . Now that Putin has put his oar into the Greek situation with millitary support against the EU, the Germans who control the EU have started beating there chests saying that “he had better not start anything”. That is like a red rag to a bull. Of all the preppers I know around the U.K, nearly all (now including me) are prepping for a war situation. Our country normally supports everything that happens stateside but the way things are going over here and the way the government in the U.S is at present, we are all beginning to wonder if the UK will stand alone should a European war happen, and believe me when I say a lot of us are scared to hell about that. Im ex British Army (explosives Ordnance) and have the knowledge to protect me and mine,But most UK residents still have “it will never happen here” syndrome, so God help this country if does break out.Being run by a bunch of public school boys who have never done a days physical graft in there lives, makes me feel that Great Britain will soon become just another part of the Germans plan for a single European State as was put forward by Hitlers Nazi party in the last war.

    1. Steve, God forbid if we in the US ever bail out on our UK brethren. I don’t have alot of faith in our current leadership, that he wouldn’t leave the UK to fend for itself. If that happens, please know that it wasn’t the American citizens who made that decision. God be with the UK and its people….I think at this moment in time, He is the only hope we have in the UK and the US.

  6. Well, if America and her patsies stopped prodding the Bear, the Bear won’t come after you. And if your readers believe that Russia is the aggressor, they have a lot to learn in a really short amount of time.

  7. In fairness to Joe, well intentioned liberals of the American Left would blame America’s foreign policy for Russia’s paranoia. This is because our educational system has been infiltrated and dominated by left leaning academics for more than half a Century. Our mass media has been influenced by planted “black propaganda” and continuing efforts by the former Soviet, now Russian propaganda machine, which continues in its 100-year mission, to sow confusion, distrust and corruption throughout all Western thought and philosophy. Anyone who has been trained in or worked in intelligence is absolutely aware of this and it is no secret.

    The Russia’s emphasis in encouraging paranoia to distract control its citizens, and the extensive exercise of “maskirovka,” in its foreign policy goes back to the Czars.

    I would suggest that Joe seek out and read a few of the writings of respected history scholars and foreign policy experts, such as Professor Thomas Nichols of the US Naval War College to get a better understanding of the Russian Bear, who is not to be trusted:

  8. The involvement of Russian intelligence in present-day Greek turmoil plays an important role, albeit one seldom discussed openly. Greece has long been a playground for Kremlin spies. During the Cold War, KGB operatives worked in Greece with a degree of impunity they found in no other NATO country, while Soviet spies penetrated Greek politics and society very deeply. Under Putin, such covert linkages have been reestablished, and secret Russian activities in Greece today enjoy a degree of openness they never had in Soviet times. Since Syriza came to power, the already significant contingent of Russian intelligence officers serving in Athens under official covers (usually as diplomats) has been bolstered, according to Western security officials. Friendly meetings between Greek officials and representatives of the SVR and GRU, Russian military intelligence, detected by NATO intelligence, have been a cause of discussion and concern in Brussels, Washington, and beyond.

    Read more about it here:

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