How Well do You Know Your Neighborhood?


Fifty years ago, when all the wives stayed home, everyone in the neighborhood knew each other.  Today you are lucky if you know your next-door neighbor, never mind someone down the street.  Now I know that many of you are not interested in becoming friends with your neighbors, but I want you to think of your neighborhood from an intelligence standpoint.

  • Do you know who and how many live in the houses that are close to you?  Who is a possible friend or danger?
  • Do you know the wild plants that grow near you?
  • Do any of your neighbors have a large garden or lots of fruit trees?
  • Do you know all the ingress and egress routes from your area, both by vehicle and on foot?  Have you walked or drove them?
  • Have you walked around your area?
  • What are the water sources that are available near you?
  • What type of wildlife lives near you?

Now I am not saying to blow your operational secrecy, but walk around the neighborhood, talk to people. You don’t have to become their best friend.

There are many excuses to explain your presence.  Exercise is a good one.  I am a photograph and often carry a camera to take pictures of plant and birds.  A pair of binoculars will also work you are watching birds.  No one seems to be afraid of anyone wearing binoculars or carrying a camera.  As long as you are not hanging around a school, everyone seems to dismiss you as a harmless tree hugger.  If someone approaches, you just explain you are looking at birds or fauna.

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With binoculars, I can look at things from a long ways away off, which is often quite handy.  With the new digital cameras, you can get great pictures of plants and other things of interest for later reference.

People are used to me wandering around with a camera with a long lens.  No one pays any attention to me and I do take a lot of pictures of wildlife and plants.  In fact, I even have a website with some of my pictures on the internet.

It does not matter if you live in the city or country you need to know your area; it can make a life or death difference.


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3 thoughts on “How Well do You Know Your Neighborhood?”

  1. Next Christmas, make some cookies and take them to your neighbor’s house. Just say you’ve been meaning to meet them and wanted to offer them some cookies. When they tell you their names, remember them. You now have someone who you can probably count on if the SHTF.

    1. anyway back out of troll C land

      I have everything including the neighbors places done and photographed and marked with a range finder. Know your neighbors, look up things on your neighbors such as your states court website, child sex offender registration websites, facebook etc. many things can be learned however remember they are people and will not always fall into what you think is good but it doesn’t make them bad. Invite them to things like church, shooting, BBQs and see what they are into or what they invite you back on and a lot will be learned. Compliment their place and usually they will show you more, its human nature.

  2. Well, you can’t do that here! I was the only home on this road. Then a foreign developer came with his dirty oil money and bought up the farm land. He bulldozed the beautiful stone walls, cut down all the trees , buried everything, surrounded me with cheap stick houses. Now all I hear is, different sounds of new people. Sounds I hate, every one has a puppy or dog, barking all hours, lawn maintenance every day, , even Sunday, they all have those ATV toys racing around too, contractors adding pools , porches, patios, etc… Six different so called “music” playing, loud parties, cars leaving in the morning, cars coming back at quitting times, even chemical spraying on lawns for herbicides (weeds) and pesticides (bugs), poisoning our well water and air! Just so they can have that perfect “Astroturf” looking lawn!
    I have been here over 25 years and every house around me has had at least 4 different owners come and go! They cut down my trees, take my stone walls for driveway entrance columns, throw their cuttings and dead shrubs onto my property, their kids practice their trumpets on their back decks for me to enjoy! Their dogs dig up my gardens and leave their waste on my lawn. They pile their dead cut trees close to my property line for me to see. Block my sunset views with fences.
    They constantly have the Septic tanks dug up and pumped out, because of the poisons they flush. I have never even found mine in 25 years or more. I have no idea where it is ! I don’t use chems. in toilets. Just natural Vinegar and baking soda to clean them. They have no clue that a septic tank must work. It has to be living to digest waste. Their septic tanks are just holes, full of poison chems. and waste. Which constantly fill up and must be emptied!
    I can go on, it is a scary thing that these people are doing to the air and water. They have wells right below those weed and bug free perfect lawns. They have no clue that they are drinking water full of heavy metals (hebicides & pesticides) that they are paying for. Every time the lawn man comes! Birth defects, autism, cancers, miscarriages, and more are linked to these chemicals. But they do not care! Enough said. You see it. You decide, Truth not fiction!
    So you see why I do not know my so called “neighbors”. Nor do I want to! They are here today and gone tomorrow! No clues on how to survive. Very sorry for future generations! My children and yours!

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