Hybrid Solar Headlamp, a Review

Hybrid Solar Headlamp

I like flashlights. My wife says, I am obsessed with them I have so many.  There are all kinds of different ones around the house from expensive to cheap.  Even I will admit I have way more than I need.  But the other day I received one that I really like.  I have always been a fan of headlamps since they let you go hands free.  The new one I just received is the Hybrid Solar Headlamp.

I have several of the older handheld solar powered Hybrid Lights around the house.  I have had them for about 5 years or so and I leave them on the windowsills and they stay charged.  They work very well and have held up over time.  So when I received the Hybrid Solar Headlamp I was quite excited.  Since then I have played with it quite a bit and have found it to be quite practical.

Hybrid Solar Headlamp
The solar panel plugged into place.

It provides good light, 75 lumens and has a battery backup.  The battery backup consists of two button batteries.  The lamp has a build in lithium battery that the solar panel charges. The headlamp will work off the solar charged lithium battery with or without the button batteries in place.  The company states that after seven years in storage they will retain 90% of their power.

Hybrid Solar Headlamp
Here you can see the button batteries that provide backup power

The Hybrid Solar Headlamp is small, light and comes with a nice adjustable headband.  It has a USB port on one side into which you plug the solar panel.  The small solar panel  measures approximately 2 ½ inches by 1 ½ inches.  The solar panel will completely charge the unit in approximately 10-12 hours.  With a full charge the headlamp will provide 6 hours of light.

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The USB port can also be used to charge the unit from other sources, such as your computer or larger solar panels. It can be charged in as little as one hour from another power source.

At the list price of  $29.95 it is a good buy. The Hybrid Solar Headlamp is a real nice rugged little unit that I have no reservations recommending to you. This is based on my past experiences with the company and the time that I have had to use one.


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  1. I am on my 2nd in 3 months. Both have issues charging. the 2nd one has never been able to charge. the other just stopped after 2 months. I have tried solar and the usb. I called the company and they said i could mail it back at my own expense and they would fix it or replace it. Not sure i need another headlamp that wont charge. I am going to just return them where I bought them as non functional.

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