Improvised camouflage for Everyday Use

improvised camouflage

I was talking to a police office the other day about chasing people who run in the dark.  He said that police now had a new advantage.  No not, what you are thinking some new high tech gadget.  But something the crooks bring with them, the shiny reflectors on their fancy tennis shoes.  This is something to consider if you ever need to improvised camouflage.

Today it is almost hard to find a pair of tennis shoes without reflective strips.  Because you wear the shoes all the time, you forget about them.  Also, I see jackets that have reflective strips on them.

There may come a time when you need to hide from people who are out to harm you.  If this occurs, you want clothing that will not attract attention or flash like a neon light.  Now I am not advocating that you wander around in camo all the time. Where most of us live, this would attract a lot of attention.

But think about the colors that you put on every morning, do they blend in with the areas you will be in that day.  Greens and browns in the county, maybe grays, blacks and other subdued colors in the urban jungle.  What I am saying is dress so that you do not attract attention, when things are normal.  But if a situation turns bad, your clothing won’t draw attention to you.  Be a grey man, at least in this situation.  12 Rules to Maintain Operational Secrecy or Be a Grey Man

Camo works great in the brush, but on a normal day in the city, it stands out.  Bright colors won’t normally attract attention in the city.  But if you need to hide, they are a mistake.

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If you want to wear a bright colored shirt, carry a light jacket of a subdued color you can put over it.  Just plan ahead so that you can make improvised camouflage, if the need should arise.


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