Major Wildfires Can be the Biggest Dangers to You and Your Preps

major wildfire

Every year I write a post on wildfires and try to warn people about their dangers.  Yet every year I see people who I know and have talked to about this problem ignore what I say.  Many of my friends who have been in the fire service feel the same way.  Until you have seen an out of control  major wildfire, you can’t understand the force they can generate.

A few years ago, 60 some odd houses burned down near me in an area most people felt could never have a major wildfire.  This can also occur in the cities. Go back in history and look at the fires that destroyed large areas of major cities like the Great Chicago fire.  These have not happened in recent years because of our fire departments.  But what about after a collapse of society?

The Chicago fire of 1871

Suddenly people will be forced to cook with fires and use fireplaces that have not been maintained in many years.  Kerosene lamps and candles will come back into use.  Take a look around you and think about what would happen in your neighborhood if people had to revert to the use of these items.

Now out west where we have major wildfires every year the dangers of fires may seem more real, but because you live in an area that does not normally have these types of fires, don’t think that things will not change.  Both house and wildland fires will become more common.

After TEOTWAWKI, you will be responsible for you own fire protection.  When you go looking for that bug out location, do you take into consideration the city boy who has never camped and might be building a campfire near you?  The just plain nut who wants to cause destruction?  When you buy a home or develop a bug out location, do you consider fire danger?  It very well could be your biggest danger.

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Here are some articles that I have written in the past that may help you.

I think that in some areas, major wildfires will be more of a danger to you and your preps than looters


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3 thoughts on “Major Wildfires Can be the Biggest Dangers to You and Your Preps”

  1. One of the first things I’m going to do on my homestead is to cut fire breaks and thin out the woods. Remove dead woods and clean up.

  2. True story.
    I live where fire is a major concern. The King fire raging right now in Northern California started less than 1 mile from my house and was started as the author said by a deranged idiot that was evicted from their house. While I didn’t have to evacuate as the fire moved north and east while I live in the other direction It did make me choose what I could move and what I couldn’t.

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