Nature’s Medical Chest

I have a box of 4×6 plant identification cards that was sold under the name Nature’s Medicine Chest.  The set contains approximately 250 cards with many color photos.  Each card has photos on one side, a description of the plant, and the use on opposite side.  They were published in the mid 1970,s by LeAtra Moulton.

The box I have contains sets 1-6 which cover medicinal and edible plants and their uses.  Additional cards cover various illness and provide information on the herbs used to treat them and how to gather and prepare the herbs



The front of the cards


The back of the card


I have used the cards for many years to help identify plants and have found them to be of great benefit.  Unfortunately, they are no longer in print, but copies can be found for sale on the internet.  If you can find a copy they will help you identify the plants in your area.  They are primarily designed for use in the U.S. or Canada.


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8 thoughts on “Nature’s Medical Chest”

  1. Mick the Herbalist

    I have had a copy the Nature’s Medicine Chest since since probably 1980 and have gotten a lot of use from it. If you can find a copy get you will not be sorry. The plant cures shown are very good for amateur herbalists.

    1. Thank you for sharing the website, I was able to order a box. Don’t know how long before I get it, but was so excited to buy this!

  2. GoneWithTheWind

    Old wives tales and quackery. I accept that “natural” plants and herbs can be used to calm an upset stomach or ease a sore throat, but it is just pure superstition and intentional lies to claim these “natural” cures can actully cure anything. The example shown is a proof of this; do you really believe that bearberry can “cure” gonnorhea? The simple truth is most medical issues are either minor things that take care of themselves over time or serious medical issues that require serious and “real” medical treatment (not bearberries). If you get a cut or sore throat or muscle aches etc. they will pass by themselves. If you get smallpox or cancer or anything serious no “natural” cure will do spit to help you. Your time and effort would be better spent finding plants to eat or learning how to survive after SHTF.

  3. Gone with the Wind in some ways I agree with you, if modern medicine is available I will take advantage of it. But if it is not available then herbs may very well be our only option. One thing I may not have made clear enough is that the chest is an excellent resource on edible plants.

    1. GoneWithTheWind

      Fair enough. I’m just not certain what natural medicines will be useful. When I get a headache I usually ignore it and it goes away, When my stomach gets upset I drink a little water or eat something. My point being most of the herbal medicines seem to treat non-serious problems and offer nothing for real health issues. Now veterinary medicines are serious stuff. I have fish mox and a few other antibiotics in the refrigerator and I’m planning on expanding that stash. What I am afraid of is: if we really have a serious SHTF event sick people and perhaps old people will simply die when they cannot get their prescriptions. This was the reality just 100 years ago or less and without real medical care it will be again.

  4. Thank you so much for helping me find these. KC brought me to where I was able to order the chest. I hope the ones I ordered will be the same ones that are in the picture above.
    Thanks again,

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