Old Civil Defense Sanitation Kits

sanitation kits

One of the advantages of being an old prepper is the fact that you will have accumulated a lot of stuff.  Now this can also be a problem, where do you store it.  This morning I have been sorting out a bunch of stuff that has been in the back of a shipping container.  One of the things that I found were several old civil defense sanitation kits from the 1960s so they are about fifty years old.

Now these were nice sanitation kits when they were made, each containing the following items inside a heavy fiber drum.

Commode Seat, Plastic               1
Sanitary Napkins                      60
Polyethelene Gloves (pair            1
Water Dispensing Spout              1
Tie Wire (bag closing)                 1
Cups and Lids (plastic                70
Commode Chemical (pack)        12
Poly Bag Liners (commode)         1
Instruction Sheet                          1
Toilet Tissue                             10

sanitation kit
It came with a toilet seat and plastic bags to line the drums.


When I saw these, I figured after fifty years, they are going to be history.  So I opened them up and found everything in pristine condition.  The toilet paper was made by Scot and is like new.  The plastic cups and lids were like new and were still pliable, no cracking.

Even the rubber hose for the water-dispensing spout was still flexible and showed no signs of cracking.  The chemical was still soft and not in the hard block, I expected to find.  My wife examined the sanitary napkins and said they are a little old fashioned, but were in good shape and could be used.

Now I know that these sanitation kits have been exposed to heat and have not been stored under the best conditions.  I am impressed the government must have used only the top of the line materials in making these.

sanitation kits

Sanitation kits
A bit old fashioned, but usable.

One thing that I found interesting was that each one of these kits was suppose to last 50 people for 2 weeks,  seems a bit skimpy to me.

Every now and then, I see one of these sanitation kits for sale cheap.  Next time I might just buy it.



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