Oregon State University test Mountain House and Wise Foods

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I recently put up a post on Wise vs Mountain House foods. There has been quite a bit of concern  about the claims made by Mountain House that Wise Foods were tested by an independent laboratory and were found to have a high oxygen contain.  Today I was provided a link by one of our readers that shows the results of a taste test conducted by Oregon State University on products from the two companies.  The results showed that Mountain House was preferred by over 90% of the participants. 

Draw your own conclusions


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    Wise Company, Inc.: Providing High Quality Products

    Salt Lake City, Utah – August 17, 2012: Mountain House, a supplier of emergency and outdoor foods, continues its unprovoked and unfounded attacks targeted at a single competitor Wise Company.

    Over the last three years Wise Company, Inc. has experienced tremendous growth within the emergency and outdoor food arena by providing high quality food products at a fair and affordable price.

    To try and slow Wise Company’s momentum, Mountain House has recently commissioned and paid for a sensory evaluation of both Wise Company and Mountain House products.

    In the study, Mountain House claims to compare its most current cook in the pouch entrees with the most current cook in the pouch entrees from Wise Company. After reviewing the results of this purportedly unbiased study, it was discovered that Mountain House committed a major error that nullifies the results of the survey. Simply put, Mountain House neglected to use Wise Company’s most current product formulas and recipes when conducting product comparisons.
    In response to this study Wise Company President and CEO Brian NeVille stated, “From the inception of our company, we have always offered samples of our product to anyone who would like to try it before they buy it. We take great pride in providing a high quality product at a fair price.”

    Neville goes on to say, “Rather than relying upon a supposed third party study to determine quality, we invite all interested consumers to try Wise Company product at no cost and no obligation so that they can decide for themselves.”

    The following are just a few unbiased and unsolicited responses from Wise Company customers in regard to their experience:

    “As a college student living in a dorm, I live on a tight budget and have no kitchen. I got hooked on the Wise products because they fit into my budget and they are easy to prepare. I’ve been living on their meals for almost a year straight. I am home for the summer, but already plan on purchasing two more years’ worth product. I know of several dorm mates that are considering the purchase of Wise as well.” -Danielle

    “I’m currently on a long hiking trip. I love Wise Company meals vs. many others that I have tried! ” -Wayne

    “I was so excited to receive my Wise Company package! I was impressed with the size of the entrees and was able to share them with my entire family. I have to say I was shocked on how well they really tastes. Thank You!” -Shelly

    “I recently shared an entree from Wise Company with my two sons. Three thumbs up was the review. Based upon their liking of the products, I followed up with a purchase of two grab and go buckets. Throughout the rest of the year, I plan on adding to my supply. Thanks for the great customer service and keep up the great work.” -Paul

    “We recently tasted a sample from Wise Company and it was delicious. My husband said it tasted better than my cooking. We have ordered our first grab and go kit. Next month we will certainly buy more.” -Tracy

    Wise Company continues to release great new products. Early this year, Wise Company launched its great tasting freeze dried meats, fruits, vegetables, sauces, and desserts. Later this year they plan to continue with their innovation by releasing long-term gluten free food products.

    To request a sample go to http://www.wisefoodstorage.com or call 855-366-3947.
    About Wise Company, Inc.

    Wise Company takes an innovative approach, providing dependable, simple and affordable ready-made freeze dried and dehydrated foods for emergency preparedness and outdoor use. Whether you are preparing your family for the future or planning your next outdoor adventure, Wise Company provides great tasting, nutritious entrees that are quick and easy. In short, Wise Company offers a dependable, simple and affordable choice for both your emergency food supply and outdoor needs. For more information on Wise Company and a complete list of products go to http://www.wisefoodstorage.com

  2. Veteran Who Is Preparing

    So now the excuse is that because OSU did not use entrees fresh from the production line that day the test is invalid. And to back it up they post “unbiased and unsolicited” responses from customers, that were most likely chosen from a large number of responses to post the best ones from the batch. How many were received with these selections that were not glowing reviews?

    The basic response remains the same, post your data from your tests. MH has done that but Wise continues to tap dance around doing that. You guys should run for congress, you would fit right in.

  3. Wise Company Rep says:

    “Simply put, Mountain House neglected to use Wise Company’s most current product formulas and recipes when conducting product comparisons.”

    We’d like to note that we purchased the three flavors of Wise product in the study from three different online vendors, from their current inventory, exactly as any other customer of Wise products would. We wanted the study to be as representative as possible of actual customer experiences.

    The “Best By” dates of the three Wise flavors were:

    * Chili Macaroni: 3/19/2019
    * Creamy Pasta & Vegetable Rotini: 6/7/2018
    * Teriyaki & Rice: 6/24/2018

    As you can see, all three recipes had 5-6+ years remaining on their stated shelf life.

    In short, we’re not sure how purchasing fresh product from the current inventory of multiple vendors in order to replicate actual consumer experiences could in any way constitute a “major error that nullifies the results”.

    Regarding the “purportedly unbiased study” conducted by a “supposed third party” we would like to make clear that:

    * Oregon State University is a respected public university. Indeed it is the state’s largest public research university and one of only two American universities to hold the Land-, Sea-, Sun- and Space-Grant designations.
    *OSU has no affiliation with either Mountain House or the long term food storage industry.
    * The Sensory Evaluation was constructed according to established scientific standards, ensuring fairness and accuracy.

    In order to make informed purchasing decisions, consumers must have access to accurate information. In the long-term food storage industry, two primary variables are shelf life (a function of the oxygen content in a package) and food quality (determined by sensory experience with the product).

    Mountain House is simply making accurate information available to consumers.

  4. I think we are about to the point where the FDA needs to test and verify the claims of some of these Long Term Food Storage companies. Especially if they are brand new and claim their food will last 25 years or more.

  5. We’ve been following the trials and tribs of this match-up at SurvivalistBoards and have found the lack of data released by Wise Foods to be of concern. Mountain House has gone way out on a limb to provide both the data and the source, and by claiming to use current production product from WF, they further put their reputation at risk. It seems to us that, if MH has readily and unilaterally exposed themselves to all sorts of bad press in return, then they might have something here.

    If WF has proof contrary to MH, it would be good to see it. But in the lack of it, reviewers must assume that there is a good reason to keep it under wraps.

    I know that a huge part of the prepper community is watching this.

  6. Isn’t the true test to check the product after its been on the shelf for years? What is the oldest pouch they have and can it be tested. What would promt Mountain House to attack it’s competitor? Money?

  7. When I was a purchasing officer for my agency we bought hundreds of thousands of dollars of emergency food supplies for our work crews who were deployed on disaster relief assignments under the Emergency Mutual Aid Compact. The period covered was from prior to the Y2K ramp-up, through the 9/11/01 response as well as deployments to Mississipi after Katrina and Rita and equipment support to the earthquake response in Haiti. Technical assistance was provided by the US Army Corps of Engineers, our state Military Affairs Liaison and from the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

    We are advised in the strongest possible terms to purchase food supplies and perishables only from vendors who were well established, with proven track records from having provided their products to the US Military, NATO partners, and NGOs such as Oxfam and ICRC over an extended time.

    Freeze Dry Guy and Mountain House are well known in the military food service and professional disaster relief community.

    Do not trust your long term preps to unknowns.

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