Sewing, a Necessary Skill for All Preppers


Just recently, my granddaughter was getting all excited about learning how to sew.  Her dad’s mother gave her an old sewing machine and she was trying to learn how to thread it and how to put the bobbin in right.  She finally asked me to help her; the only problem was that the machine was so old there was no way of setting the tension right to sew.  She was so disappointed.  I was disappointed for her because I wanted to teach her.  Learning how to sew a button or put a hem up on a pair of pants or dress is an important prep.

Over the years, I have had many friends ask me to fix their clothes for them.  Sewing was taught in school when I went to school. The schools don’t teach any domestic skills to the girls any more. Sewing, cooking, darning socks, mending clothes, it’s all a lost art.

If you have children, they should know the few things that would get them by, instead of always paying someone to do it.  Even the boys and I know a few that can sew and it has come in handy for them.  I know it’s easier to go out and have someone else do it, but there will come a day in which you may not have that option.

I fixed a sewing basket for my granddaughter to help her get started. Every family should have these items as a minimum in their preps,

This is a list of the sewing items I got together for her.

      • Thread all colors
      • Needles of all sizes
      • Darning needle for socks and a light bulb
      • Thimble, this is very important to protect your fingers especially using heavy materials.
      • Sewing machine needles
      • Bobbins for machine
      • Sewing machine, I got a new one and gave her my old one.
      • Seam ripper
      • Elastic
      • Sew on tape for hems (Temporary)
      • Straight pins
      • Iron on patches
      • Measuring tape
      • Safety pins
      • Scissors, both regular and pinking shears
      • Tracing paper and tracing wheel, for use with patterns
      • You should consider finding basis patterns in the sizes to fit your family.
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I didn’t add any buttons or material to her kit, but these should be included in your storage also. When you learn to sew, you also want to learn how to take old clothes apart and use them for patterns for making new.

These items should come in handy in all households especially in any emergency.  Of course, I also have a treadle sewing machine for when no electric is available.  These machines can be found pretty reasonably.  I have seen them in antique stores for $70.00, of course they might need  new belts, but you can get them on the internet.

After TEOTWAWKI, clothing will be hard to get, you need to learn how to repair yours and make new if needed.  If you don’t know how to sew, it is time to learn, you might want to find a mentor or class.

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3 thoughts on “Sewing, a Necessary Skill for All Preppers”

  1. One daughter could not wait to learn to sew. The older one who was adamant about not learning to sew got lucky and married a man who could hem her pants since she is short. My husband was afraid it would turn our son gay, so was dead set against his learning to sew…even a button. That is one reason he is ex now. At least, the dil can sew and has a machine.

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