Solar Ovens, a Must Have Skill for Preppers

solar ovens

Summer is here (at least where I live) the sun is shining and now is a great time to get your solar oven out.  During the summer, we often use it to keep the heat of cooking out of the house.  It also saves the cost of electricity.  You can cook things like roasts, stews, casseroles or bread.

While your oven will work in the winter, it is easier to use in the summer.  We have a Global Sun Oven, although I see where they have come out with the new All American Sun Oven that they say is an improved version.  The All American sun Oven has an about 20% larger interior and has a sighting device that helps you stay on the best sun.  But both work well.  Both of them are on the more expensive side.

If you are like many of us and are trying to stretch your money, you may want to make your own solar oven.  I have seen creative people make effective solar ovens with everything from cardboard boxes, old tires to using the windshield on their truck.

Here a couple of links to older posts on this subject, including a video of a friend showing how he regularly cooks in his truck.

If you do a search on this blog under solar you will find lots of other good information on solar cooking, including recipes.

Solar ovens also have many uses beyond simply cooking; they can be used for dehydrating foods, melting honey, making jerky and many other uses.  If you don’t have a solar oven, get one and start to learn how to use it.  Having a solar oven and the knowledge of how to improvise and use them is a very important skill for a prepper.  They can provide you a means of cooking that is less detectable than many other methods.  It gives off no smoke or wood odors.

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