Speedy Sharp, a Knife Sharpener and Aid in Fire Starting

speedy sharp

For the last 15 years or more, I have been carrying the Speedy Sharp in my various packs.  Now I like small tools that are lightweight and can be used for more than one thing.  The Speedy Sharp is such a tool.  It weights approximately one ounce and can serve several purposes.

The Speedy Sharp is sold as a knife sharpener.  As such, it works well and can sharpen just about any type of blade including razor blades, lawn mower blades, hatchets, fishing hooks, garden tools, broad head arrows, dental instruments, router bits and chisels in a few minutes.  Speedy Sharp is made of Micro 100 Super Carbide and comes with a lifetime warranty.

The Speedy Sharp is small enough to easily fit into your gear. It is available in six different colors:  red, orange, blue, green, black and yellow.  If you do not specify a color, you will receive the product in orange.

Now one warning if you get ‘aggressive’ with this on your favorite knife, you’ll shorten it’s life.  Speedy Sharp cuts metal very fast, so go light.  I sharpened an old rusty axe blade in just a few minutes this morning.  It is a good knife sharpener if use correctly.

speedy sharp
It just took a very short time to put a decent edge on this old axe blade

I always carry mine in my fire starting kit.  Now you may wonder why, but it is a very helpful tool for stating fires.  I use it for scraping magnesium off fire starters.  It is great for scraping small chips off wood or powdering resin.  If you are using fire starters like ferrocerium rods or the Swedish Fire Steels, go light when you use the Speedy Sharp to make your sparks. If you press to hard, it will eat your rod.

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speedy sharp
Here I am using it to scrape magnesium


speedy sharp
Here I am using it to scrape wood shavings
Scraping resin to make an easy to light powder.
Scraping resin to make an easy to light powder.


I see it currently for sale for $15.00 on Amazon.  I have several that are now at least 15 years old and have seen quite a bit of use.  So far they show no wear and it looks like they will outlast me.


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