How to Clean Sharpening Stones

I recently found some old sharpening stones in a garage sale.  They were covered in oil and looked horrible and everyone passed them by.  I paid $3 for six stones.  When I arrived home, I took a spray can of brake cleaner and sprayed them well.  After a few minutes, I washed them off with a garden hose.  They came out like new, all the oil and buildup metal in the stones was gone.  The metal filings came out of the pores with the oil.


3 thoughts on “How to Clean Sharpening Stones”

  1. A Veteran Who Is Preparing

    I’ve always just used water on the wet stone when sharpening the blade. I was actually taught this technique by a Korean soldier when I was in country. Seems to work good, just remember to wipe off the blade good before putting it back in the sheath. The stone dries off quicker and makes it easier (and cleaner) for carrying in a rucksack.

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