Making a Food Drying Rack

A picture of the finished rack

Yesterday, I build my wife a drying rack, she has been wanting.  She intends to start drying fruit, vegetables and maybe meat outdoors.  A friend who dries fruit and vegetables on a similar rack says he can dry most things in one day if they are cut thin.

The rack was easy to make and once I had the materials took less than an hour.  The one I built measures 3 X 5 feet.  The materials list is shown below.

  • 2 – 5ft. lengths of ¾” PVC
  • 6 – 3ft. lengths of ¾” PVC
  • 4 – ¾ to ½ in male adapters
  • 4 – ¾” 90 degree side outlet elbows, to take ½” male adapter.
  • a 3 x 5ft. section of ¼” hardware cloth
  • 20 6” cable ties
  • I can of PVC cement

This is enough material to provide you with a finished 3 x 5 rack that is 3 ft high.

This shows the 90 degree side outlet elbows with the male adapters screwed in

This picture show how the legs unscrew for storage

Fit the 2 – 5 ft. lengths of PVC together with 2 – 3 ft lengths using the 4 – 90 degree side outlet elbows. This will make a 3 x 5 rectangle.  Glue the corners together.

Take the remaining 4 – 3 ft lengths of PVC and glue a 3/4″ male adapter,  one to each length..

Screw the male adapters into the 90 degree side outlet elbows.  This gives you the 4 legs.


The frame is now finished.  Now lay the hardware cloth on top and attach it with the plastic cable ties.

Attaching the hardware cloth with the cable ties.

Your rack should now be finished and ready to use.

We will let you know the results of our drying efforts in a few days.


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7 Responses to Making a Food Drying Rack

  1. Bobby says:

    I remember when we first discussed the drying rack my top concern was that flies/etc. would disturb the food, but you mentioned a reason they would not. Can you remind me why that is?

  2. Terry says:

    What a clever idea! Will you share in future posts how to keep the bugs out and how to keep ants from crawling up the legs of the rack? Thank you for sharing your creative ideas with us.

  3. WittyOne says:

    Just curious – If things take about a day to dehydrate, how are you keep the bugs and flies off?

  4. Erika Wolff says:

    Thanks for the info.
    The drying rack looks fairly easy to make. I am wondering though how well it would work here in Ontario. Our summers can be very humid.
    Erika Wolff

  5. admin says:

    When the racks are in the hot sun, the flies and bugs stay away. They will come out as it cools off


  6. caryn verell says:

    thanks…i am gonna try this out maybe this weekend. i had an elderly neighbor who used to do this using window screens propped up on top of her car…she had the best fried apple pies made from her dried fruit.

  7. Alvina says:

    Wow … it’s an interesting tutorial. Incidentally, I was in need of food drying racks to start my small business. I was with my sister tried to start a business selling cookies in the package. I can not wait to try him. Thanks for sharing the information in this post.

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