NationalAtlas.Gov a Website That May be Useful for Preppers.


Here are locations of all the volcanoes on the west coast.. On their website you can click on the map and get more information.

In the posts that I have written on bugging out, we have concentrated on writing about how to map out a route.  We have discussed topo maps and the use of Google to learn about your area.  Well I came across another government website that provides a large amount of useful information that will help you decide where you may want to move to or develop a good bug out location.  This site is NationalAtlas.Gov

This site is full of useful information and maps that you can print yourself and best of all they are free.  They  describe themselves as “ Maps that capture and depict the patterns, conditions, and trends of American life. Maps that supplement interesting articles. Maps that tell their own stories. Maps that cover all of the United States or just your area of interest. Maps that are accurate and reliable from more than 20 Federal organizations. Maps about America’s people, heritage, and resources. Maps that will help you, your children, your colleagues, and your friends understand the United States and its place in the world.”

They have maps that show all the federal land boundaries, Indian Reservations and many other things.  The location of every airport in the U.S. is shown.  The amount of information that they show on water is amazing.  Water features include streams and rivers, canals, aqueducts, lakes, reservoirs, marshes, glaciers, bays, and oceans. Also included are waterfalls, dams, and designated channels, such as the Intracoastal Waterway.  Many of their maps can be enlarged to let you look at a small areas.


Here is a map showing the ecoregions of the United States

What I am touching on here is just the tip of the iceberg, this site has a tremendous amount of useful material for serious preppers that want to find a good area to live in or bug out too.



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2 Responses to NationalAtlas.Gov a Website That May be Useful for Preppers.

  1. advertising techniques says:

    Very cool site : )

  2. twp says:

    The census data offered for mapping is from 2000, 14 years out-of-date.
    There has been a lot of change in that time, so don’t trust the map presentation for this particular set of data.

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