Utilities and Earthquakes


With all the recent earthquakes, I have done a small unscientific survey to see how many people that I knew that could shut off their utilities in an emergency.  Now I am not talking about preppers, but the public in general.

The results were dismal, it was amazing how few knew how to shut of their utilities, and I am just not talking about women and kids, several of the men didn’t know

Now this is an easy thing to show your family and friends even if they are not preppers.  If you are talking about earthquakes in the news, you can do this without blowing your operational secrecy.

Knowing how to turn off the utilities may save your neighbors home.  If their house survives, they will have some resources and they won’t be trying to move in with you.

Show them how to turn off their utilities.

  • Where the gas shut-off is located and how to close it.  Do you have the necessary wrench readily available?
  • After they shut-off the gas, if they continue to smell it, get away from the house until the odor dissipates.  If the gas lines are damaged and can’t be shut off, leave the area immediately. Here is the link to a post I wrote on How to Turn off Your Gas Meter.
  • Where the water shut-off is located?  Do they need any special tools to shut it off?  Do they have the tools available?
  • Where is the electric panel located?  Do they know how to turn the electricity off?
  • If the electric panel is damage and you see any signs of arcing or sparks do not touch it.  Stay away from any downed electric lines that you find.

You can talk to people about things like this, as a casual item of conversation when they are in the news without attracting a lot of attention to yourself.  Just remember that if the people around you have some preps and knowledge they will be a lot less of a problem to you.  Don’t forget to talk to your own family about this you may get a surprise.


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