Water Filters and Failing Municipal Water Systems

water filters

One thing that I have been concerned about is the fact that we are no longer maintaining much of our infrastructure properly.  Just look at the problems with water systems, levees, bridges and highways that have occurred over the last few years.  While these failures are all bad the one that concerns me the most are the water system failures.  While there have been numerous small failures, two large ones have recently came to light that bring the problem into focus and show why you need your own water filters.

In 2011, the state took over control in Flint after a budget emergency.  State officials made the decision to switch the city’s water system from Lake Huron to the Flint River in an effort to save money.  This was supposed to be temporary while a new water source from Lake Huron was developed.

The Flint River had a reputation for being dirty and full of chemicals before the change. After the change, residents complained their water looked, smelled and tasted funny.

Tests performed by a University revealed that the water was highly corrosive.  Since much of the waters piping system was old lead piping, this caused them to corrode.  This released lead into the water system and many residents have been found to have a high concentration of lead in their system.

In Sacramento Ca., residents were exposed to carcinogens in their drinking water for over a year.  In 2013 and 2014, the City of Sacramento tested a new chemical at its main water treatment plant, and the subsequent investigation found the substances that formed in the city’s drinking water system could cause cancer.  The chemical called aluminum chlorohydrate, or ACH, almost immediately sent up warning signs that something was seriously wrong, and even though those red flags continued for an entire year, the city didn’t stop and didn’t warn people about a hazard.

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People in Sacramento were never notified about the dangers or given the choice to use bottled water, even though the city had all kinds of data showing they had a serious problem. water filters

These infrastructure failures, I feel are just the beginning.  You will see more in the future.  Personally, I filter all my drinking water and suggest that you consider doing the same.   At this time, I feel that we have to take personal responsibly for our own heath and protection.

In my home, I run all our drinking and cooking water through a Seagull Water Filter.  However there are many good water filters on the market such as the Berkey, the Bucket Berkey An Inexpensive Water Filter the Bucket Berkey and the AquaRain.   With a bit of research you can find many other good choices that connect to your water system.

While we all need good water filters in case of TEOTWAWKI, don’t ignore the warning signs that we are already seeing.  If you are on a municipal water system or have a questionable water source, don’t wait until it is too late, take the responsibility for your drinking water now.


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6 thoughts on “Water Filters and Failing Municipal Water Systems”

  1. Your facts on Flint are wrong.
    State officials didn’t initiate the water system switch.
    The Flint city council voted 7 to 1 in 2013 to disconnect from the greater Detroit water system and join a different regional system because of issues with the Detroit system (political — not water quality) that occurred during the ongoing Detroit bankruptcy procedures.
    The state went along with the councils desires.
    Since the “other system” wasn’t yet ready, they had to start drawing water from the Flint river.
    There were issues with doing this changeover, but the whole issue is being heavily politicized because Flint is a highly Democratic location (think UAW, etc) in a state with a Republican governor. With Obummer coming to Detroit yesterday (Wed) for the Detroit auto show — the Democrat activists (think Sharpton, et al) were on scene in force, and couldn’t let a “disaster” go unexploited — much like Sandy Hook, Colorado shootings, etc.
    (I live 20 miles from Flint and have been following this closely)

    1. Absolutely correct. The Flint city council (DEMOCRATS) voted to make the switch to Flint river water. Another question is why are there still lead pipes in use? Well it costs money to replace old, pipes. Lead pipes were installed 75 to 100 years ago. Yet Flint hasn’t upgraded their infrastructure in all these years. I wonder who has been in charge of Flint all these years? If you guessed DEMOCRATS you are correct.

  2. Old Retired First Sergeant

    Greenmachine is exactly correct on the facts of the matter. I’m not far from Flint, either, and can corroborate how the democratic/progressives (transnational socialists) are flat out lying about the causes specifically with the hope of destroying any conservative base in Michigan.

  3. For too long the people at the top made all the money to handle and cities and state Having juggled the moneys around to favor the people who donate the campaign funds by putting lucrative contracts in their businesses. misdirecting inspections for shoddy and under grade material are what they do. We need only look back at who held this state for so many years. It seems however the blame falls on a person who must clean up the mess. I dislike politicians in general but for the most part our present governor has pulled this state up from the hole we were descending into. All these problems didnt develop overnight or even the last decade.so why does this administration shoulder all the blame. I wont say his hands are clean but he isnt responsible for these major problems.

  4. I think the Democrat\Republican issue should be left out of this mess, the point being is that government officials let the people down, and these people are going to pay for it for the rest of their lives. I have told people over and over, don’t vote party lines, vote out whoever is not doing their jobs and put someone in that will! I feel that both parties should be dumped and something that will actually cooperate with each other put into its place, the current system is broke people! And we the people are the ones paying for it!

  5. The corrosion in the city water pipes is quite alarming. It actually worries me and bow, I have to be extra careful on my family’s health and water usage. This is very helpful. Thanks a lot!

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