Materials needed
You will need 2 ½ yards of material from a 52 inch bolt, 3 ½ yards if the bolt is narrower.
Soft cotton or broadcloth material is best.
Use a 20 gallon plastic container with lid.
And filler, about 3 cubic feet of Polystyrene Beads (I got mine on line at Wal Mart $19.)

Lay out your material and pin your pattern on. You will cut out four pieces for each cushion.

To make the bottom, sew two of the four pieces together along the longest side. This is from point A to B on the diagram. Now sew the other two pieces together the same way. You now have two large pieces. Open the two pieces and put together on top of each other. Sew all the way around leaving a six inch opening to turn material inside out and to fill the cushion.

You can then fill with beads, or wood shavings. (If you fill with wood shavings, you will have to empty them out before washing). Sew opening together. This will leave you with a funny shaped cushion. Now push the narrow part of the bottom into the larger part to make a nest for a pot to fit in.

To make the top, it is similar to the bottom. Take two of the pieces and sew them together from point C to D on one side. Now sew the other two pieces together the same way. Now place the two pieces together, pin and then sew all around the edge. Remember to leave a six-inch opening so that you can turn the material and fill the cushion. Sew the opening together.

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Place the bottom in a twenty-quart container. It can be plastic. Find a pot with a tight fitting lid that will nest in the bottom and you are in business.

Next some recipes:

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5 thoughts on “WONDER BOX OVEN/COOKER”

  1. This is a great idea. Years ago, a friend came up with something similar in making a box from the foil backed foam insulation, which comes in a large sheet for buildings. He made the box just fit a pressure cooker. There was a small cut out for the handle. We were all working long hours, out doors. He would load up the pressure cooker, get it going enough to where the pressure was up good and the meal was cooking, then put it in the box to go. It would slow cook until lunch time. You could cook most anything in this including a big batch of beans. Which usually takes a while to cook.

  2. I want a pattern for the bag not the box–is it because there is an African patent and being sold already sewn together, online, that I can’t find one? One shows the verbal descriptioin but not the actual pattern. Help!!! thanks, Jean

  3. Patricia McDonald

    Great idea! I use bath towels for cooking brown rice, the main thing to think about seems to be that the heat rises. For a pot full of rice (bring to a boil on stove) then wrap tightly in 1 or 2 large towels, then place a heavy object on top. I just leave it sitting on the carpet with my very heavy bag on top, in the morning/evening it’s still warm – perfect brown rice.

    If weather is older I use a chilly bin (ice chest/cooler).
    I bring food to boil, wrap all around it with ordinary bath towels, and place in cooler, more towels on top, making sure the top is weighted down. It cooks rice perfectly, and I’ve done (soaked) beans and lentils this way too. It takes only time, not much energy or effort.

    I like using towels because they are natural materials and easy to keep clean.

  4. I have a friend who uses this concept to make yogurt. We scalded the milk, added yogurt starter, poured the hot milk mixture into a clean waiting gallon jar and put the lid on it. Then she wrapped it up in her favorite comforter and left it for morning. I like the idea of using towels better. She left hers on the kitchen counter, but I like the idea of using the ice chest or even the simple plastic tote…. must go try it!

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