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12 Tips for Hiding Cooking Odors From Others

hiding cooking odors

I love curries, but that is one spice to avoid if you are trying to hide your food.

One question that I hear regularly is if there is a food shortage, how do you go about hiding cooking odors from others.  Depending on where you live, this can be a serious problem.  Food odors can carry for some distance and if people are hungry, it seems like their sense of smell is sharper.  After some thought I have put together a list of ideas that may help with hiding cooking odors.

12 tips for hiding cooking odors

  1. Avoid strong smelling spicy foods.
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So You Want to Keep Your Preps Secret

preps secretMany of us store preps for all kinds of different reasons, they can vary from religious to political.  But for most of us if we store preps we don’t want it advertised.  So how do you keep your preps secret. This is alway a big challenge.

Here are 12 suggestions on way to keep your preps secret.

  1. First keep your mouth shut, during my career in law enforcement; the majority of my cases were made because somebody talked to someone they trusted. I have seen brother turn on brother and parents on children.  Be very careful whom you trust.  The less people the better.
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Intelligence Sources and How to Evaluate them.

intelligence sourcesThis morning I received an interesting article that explains the difference between white, grey and black intelligence sources.  White sources and black sources are fairly easy to understand, but grey sources are much more complicated.  They appear in the media everyday in one form or another.

Governments, politicians, intelligence agencies and various other lobbying groups leak grey information on a regular basis.  They do this to make a lie the truth.

What is “gray intel” or “vague sourcing?”

Many professional level intelligence sources are accessible to non-government users such as multi-national corporations, private security firms, banks, or even you and me, as “non-government end users.”  (For example Stratfor).  …

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14 Rules for Maintaining Operational Secrecy.

operational secrecyWith all of the problems with terrorism that we currently face, I see much of what may prove to be over reaction.  A number of people with whom I am acquainted are upset and because of this are speaking out loudly.  Now there is nothing wrong with expressing your opinions, but avoid talk about violence that can come back to haunt you.  Today may be the most important time to maintain operational secrecy.

14 rules for operational secrecy

Keep your mouth shut, during my career in law enforcement; I made the majority of cases because people talked to friends and relations that they trusted. …

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Preppers Need to Work Together and With Their Communities


Lead and protect the sheep

When I first started prepping, I was young and had a tendency to think that I could do anything alone.  I felt like I did not need others.  As I have aged, I have found out that none of us are an island we all need others.  Organized groups that can function for a common goal will succeed where individuals fail.  We as preppers need to work with our communities to help them be better prepared.

If the Federal government were to cease functioning tomorrow, many local government entities would continue to function.  Sometime this would be because you have large numbers of people with common believes and goals.  …

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Free Five-gallon Buckets are Yours for the Asking

free five-gallon bucketsI have recently received several email inquires about how to get hold of inexpensive or free five-gallon buckets.  Now I have a lot of five gallon buckets, some I have paid for, but many that I have gotten for free.

Let’s talk about good sources for purchasing five-gallon buckets first.  Both Home Depot and Lowes have good quality buckets on sale for a reasonable price.  But they are not all food grade.  Unless they are specifically labeled as food grade, assume that they are not.  If they are food grade they will normally have a sticker that says food grade.  Home Depots orange buckets are not food grade.  …

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The “Grab & Go” squirrel cache concept

My friend Ed sent me this information on a type of cache that I was not familiar with.  I have been aware of various methods of burying caches and even hiding caches under water.  But I had never thought about trees as a location for them.  He has also included a suggested packing list for supplies that fit into what is commonly called a 50 cal ammo can.  You can vary the contents to fit your needs.


The “Grab & Go” squirrel cache concept

During my trip to Italy last year I was shown how WW2 partisans made use of hasty, expedient caches, by bundling ammo boxes in burlap sacks, and hoisting them up high in trees, camouflaged with brush, so they would be safe and well hidden until they could come back to get them later. …

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Preparing Your Home, Family, and Business for TERRORIST ATTACKS

terrorist attacksPreparing Your Home, Family, and Business for TERRORIST ATTACKS is the name of a new publication put out by Rep Robert Pittenger, the Chairman of the Congressional Task Force on Terrorism and Unconventional Warfare.  it can be downloaded for free at the above link.

Rep Pittenger made the following statement when asked why he published the manual. “There are U.S. cells today of terrorists that we’re all aware of. I chair the Congressional Task Force on Terrorism, and so I’m conscious of the concerns, and I just think we would be wise as a country to prepare ourselves better for what could happen,”

I reviewed this manual and it is a fairly good overview for people who are less aware.  …

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Alternate Uses of MRE Components

MREWhile MRE’s are normally used for food, that are several components that do have other uses than their intended ones.

MRE toilet paper can be used to start a fire.

Tabasco Sauce – A friend, who spent several tours overseas in special operations, said that they would rub a bit of Tabasco sauce under their eyes to help them stay awake.  He said that the effect would last for 30 to 45 minutes.  Don’t get it in your eyes.

Coffee package – While pulling security they would chew on the poder to help them stay awake.

MRE heater had several uses.

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Understanding the Uses of the Military Crest of a Hill or Ridge

military crest

Here you can see the military crest

We have probably all heard of not allowing ourselfs to be silhouetted against the sky when on a ridgeline or hilltop, while hunting or not wanting to be seen. In law enforcement whenever we did surveillance in the hills, we always needed to be aware of our background.  This kept us from being seen by being silhouetted against the sky.  Whenever possible you used the military crest of the hill.

Military crest is a term used by the military that refers to, “An area on the forward or reverse slope of a hill or ridge just below the topographical crest from which maximum observation covering the slope down to the base of the hill or ridge can be obtained.”  In military terms, the forward military crest would face towards the enemy. …

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