Operational Secrecy is an Important Subject for Preppers.

operational secrecy

Operational secrecy is something that most of us would like to achieve.  But in today’s world, it is much harder to obtain.  Of cause for me, because of writing this blog mine is long gone.  But I knew that before I started.  Now most of you I am sure would like to maintain some degree of secrecy.

In today’s world that has become much harder.  This Christmas I did part of my shopping over the internet.  I would go on a site and look at a widget and thirty minutes later ads for widgets would be popping up on my computer.  This would continue for a week or so.  With the NSA snooping, you can be fairly sure they know what you have been looking at on the internet.  Unless you are a very knowledgeable techie, the government knows everything you do on the computer.

Think before you email.  Ask yourself is there anything in the email that will attract attention.  Do not make stupid statements or threats that you have no intention of carrying out. Even jokes can get you into trouble, the government has no sense of humor.  We all sound off on occasion, but the internet is not the place to do it.  Everything you put on the internet becomes a part of your permanent record.

While I sound very pessimistic about protecting your operational secrecy from the government, this should not prevent you from doing the best you can to avoid letting your neighbors know that you prep.  This is in no way as hard as protecting your secrecy from the government.  It mainly comes down to keeping your mouth shut and using some common sense.

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Don’t go on shows like Doomsday Preppers, just this week one of the prior subjects of the show got his preps ripped off. The less you can attract attention to yourself the better.  Be careful who you talk to. During my years in law enforcement, a large number of my cases were made by the suspects trusting and talking to the wrong people.  This included family and friends, often when self-interest kicks in, loyalty goes out the window.

Learn when to keep your mouth shut.



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3 thoughts on “Operational Secrecy is an Important Subject for Preppers.”

  1. You know your sister in law is a prepper when she tells you that you need better “ops sec” when wishing you a Merry Christmas.

  2. I walk a fine line trying to educate folks on Preparing, while still trying to keep under the radar with my preps. I like working on DIY projects with the Group, but avoid doing it at my home to prevent any of my preparations being known. You think you really know someone, until the balloon pops and they are in dire straights. Guess where they will come? Dragging their relatives and close friends. My Core Group does seem to mesh together well, and I would defend each of them with my life as they would me also. It’s our extended Group that worries me sometimes. OPSEC has to exist for everyone and should even apply to extended families.

  3. May I ask the board for advice please? I have two neighbors I have shared with the need for being prepared, extra food, water, how to clean water, etc in the vent of a disaster, whether natural or man-made. My issue is both now are frequently are making off-hand comments about “just coming over and asking for”, “you know how so I can provide them this or that”.etc.. My question is at this point what is best way of dealing with these folks. I am comfortable in the event of a disaster simply not anserwing the door much less just turning them away if need be at this point. However, should anyone be able to provide more encouraging and definitive approach it would be much appreciated.

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