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12 Tips for Hiding Cooking Odors From Others

hiding cooking odors

I love curries, but that is one spice to avoid if you are trying to hide your food.

One question that I hear regularly is if there is a food shortage, how do you go about hiding cooking odors from others.  Depending on where you live, this can be a serious problem.  Food odors can carry for some distance and if people are hungry, it seems like their sense of smell is sharper.  After some thought I have put together a list of ideas that may help with hiding cooking odors.

12 tips for hiding cooking odors

  1. Avoid strong smelling spicy foods.
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A Serious Safety Issue with Many Newer Cars

newer carsThe other day I received this information from a friend.  It involves the manner in which the door locks work on many of the newer cars.  I feel that this is a serious safety issue that could put someone’s life at risk.  First, here is the article my friend sent me followed by some additional information I found.

“Some car models, at least newer GM products, will unlock the doors when you stop and put the car into park… For the second time in a few months, I have a rental car as a result of flying to an event.  To make things worse, much as I like this Impala, there is no owner’s manual with it, so I can’t tell if there is a way to unscrew that.  …

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It Takes a Village to Survive in Style


Even the meerkats have figured it out and work together.

I see many different ways that people are preparing to survive TEOTWAWKI.  Some are choosing to go as lone wolfs, others as isolated homesteaders.   I think in terms of a village.  A group that will cooperate together will normally survive in better shape than smaller groups.

By a village I use the term loosely, it can be friends, family, a church group, an organization or a small town.  The whole idea is that you have a number of people who will work together for the common good.  They will not all be equipped and supplied in the same way. …

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14 Tips to Make Your Children Safe from Kidnapping.

kidnappingKidnappings occur in the United States every day, the majority of them are family problems or sexual predators.  We are all familiar with these and warn our children about them.  Now we can expect to see a new type of kidnapping become popular, the ransom kidnapping.

These were common during the depression of the 1930’s but have since dropped off.  However as our middle class is decreasing and we are becoming a third world country economically, kidnapping for ransom is starting to reappear.  As of yet it is primarily confined to minority communities, but that will change with time.

Now I know many of you think that I don’t have a lot of money it won’t affect me. …

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Wireless Burglar Alarms can be Easily Hacked

wireless burglar alarmsCrime has been increasing in my area since the state legislators changed the laws to lessen the penalties of various crimes.  Home burglaries have been increasing.  As a result, the alarm business is booming as more people have both hardwired and wireless burglar alarms installed.

Good alarm systems can prevent your home from being burglarized and provide you with a lot of security.  But it needs to be a monitored system so that the police are called automatically by your service provider.  In addition, it should have the windows covered by either switches or motion detectors and preferably by both.

I have been talking to a couple of security people who have been looking at many of the new wireless burglar alarms.  …

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Surveillance Cameras, the Government and You, Nothing is Private

surveillance camerasIt seems like almost everywhere I go I see surveillance cameras.  They show up in the strangest places even on back roads in the backcountry.  Cameras are mounted on telephone poles temporarily to watch for potential arsonists.  They move them around to cover areas in which they are having suspicious fires.

Cameras are located all over in the cities, mounted on stores, overpasses, light poles and many other locations. You never know who or what are monitoring the cameras.  The reason I say what is explained in the following paragraph, sent me by a friend.

surveillance cameras

These are the easy ones to spot.

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Radio Scanners are a Good Intelligence Source for Preppers

radio scannersI currently have a couple of radio scanners and feel that at least in the early stages of major civil disruptions or natural disaster they can be very useful.  You can listen to local fire, EMS, police and gather information on what it happening around you in real time.  In rapidly changing situations, this can be very helpful.  Imagine a wildfire, listening to the firefighters in real time can let you know if the fire is approaching your home or BOL well before an evacuation notice is announced. If there are riots in you’re area radio scanners can let you know what areas to avoid.…

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Safes, The Wrong ones are Worse than Useless


A good quality gun safe

Recently it seems like there have been many burglaries in our area. In fact, one of our friends was a victim. In his case they stole a large gun safe that was located on the second floor. They got it downstairs and loaded it in a vehicle and got clean away. In this case, the safe was not properly anchored to the floor.

Because of my years as an arson and bomb investigator, I have seen many examples of safes failing in fires or being burgled prior to the fire. The majority of people did not have their valuables stored correctly.…

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My Take On The Terrorist Attack in Southern California.

terrorist attackSince I have been slowed down, I got to watch all the news of the terrorist attack that occurred in San Bernardino yesterday morning.  The information that comes from the mainstream media is a mishmash of truth and speculation.  They use speculation and rumors to keep the public from facing much of the truth.

It amazes me how scared they are to face the truth and simply call it a terrorist attack.  Instead, they keep trying to make it a workplace attack or some weird combination of both. They have downplayed the fact that the wife was an immigrant.  From watching the news, it appears she was from either Saudi Arabia or Pakistan. …

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Refugees Over Run Germany, From an Expat’s Prospective

refugeesThis is a letter from Germany describing the refugee problem that they now face.  This letter comes from what I believe is a reliable source and should give us some idea of what can occur here during a refugee crisis.  Remember refugees can be from external or internal areas.  This description could apply if the refugees were from large urban areas and they were desperate.



Life in Germany Today Is Getting Dangerous!

A perspective from an ex pat living in Germany for the last 30 years.  Interesting considering she is a musician with left leaning politics. —

My dear family,

You can’t imagine how life here in Germany has changed.…

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