Using a FoodSaver Jar Sealer

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Recently we were at a garage sale and bought a FoodSaver for ten dollars.  It worked fine, but my wife wasn’t too excited about it because of the cost of the bags.  Well, the other day she got the attachments for it to vacuum seal mason jars.  It was like a kid with a new toy at Christmas.  She and a friend played with it most of the day.

It is simple to use.  You fill up a jar with the product you intend to store, put a canning lid on top of the jar.  You then put the FoodSaver jar sealer on top of the jar and activate it.  It sucks the air out of the jar and seals the lid.  You do not need to put the screw rings on the jars.

Some of the finished product

The instructions say that if you follow their direction on how to remove the metal lids they are reusable. Through a bit of investigating we found out that you can store foods like nuts, candy, chocolate, and spices for extended periods of time.

My wife packaged many of her spices in jars yesterday.  She kept small amounts out for everyday use.  As she uses these up, she will open a mason jar and refill her small containers.  The mason jar can then be refilled.

Tattler lids will work with the Foodsaver Jar Sealer

There are two attachments, one for large mouth and one for small mouth jars. You probably want both. Almost anything you can store in a FoodSaver bag can be stored in the jars.  As we continue to use this system, we will let you know if we run into any problems.

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8 thoughts on “Using a FoodSaver Jar Sealer”

  1. We have had one for years. It’s great for jars/containers and freezing (we use it for both). Over the years it’s saved us a lot of money by not having food go stale or get freezer burnt. Let your wife know that we reuse the bags and have had good luck with them.

    Thanks again!

  2. I’ve used my attachments since I bought my first Foodsaver and love them. I use them several times a week, sometimes for sealing preps, other times to reseal jars I’ve opened to make a meal.
    You can use used lids provided the rubber is still intact.

    For sealer bags, someone recently put me onto for better quality and much cheaper bags and rolls.

  3. Anthony Picciano

    We use a FoodSaver for jar as well. Just a note of caution, we have had a few instances of the lids coming loose while in storage. Slightly moistening the lid edges before sealing seems to help.

  4. I have tried to find an extensive list of items that can be packed in the jars. Candy , cereal etc… Do I need to put the little packages that keep things dry in? Would love a list. Thanks.

  5. I just got the large and regular mouth jar sealers. It’s i good thing
    that i have short hair or it all would have been pulled out.
    no matter how i tried to get it to work it wouldn’t. I watched endless
    you tube videos and all of the looked very straight forward. There
    was even one gentleman that suggested turning the gasket around.Anyways, I finally noticed that ( made in China ) was marked on the box. I then inspected everything. One of the plastic ends on the tube was almost completely clogged with plastic from the forming of the part. I drilled it out with a 7/64 ths. drill bit and
    now it works great!

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