FoodSaver Jar Sealer

The Food Saver Jar Sealer in use

Recently we were at a garage sale and bought a FoodSaver for ten dollars.  It worked fine, but my wife wasn’t to excited about it because of the cost of the bags.  Well the other day she got the attachments for it to vacuum seal mason jars.  It was like a kid with a new toy at Christmas.  She and a friend played with it most of the day.

It is simple to use.  You fill up a jar with the product you intend to store, put a canning lid on top of the jar.  You then put the FoodSaver jar sealer on top of the jar and activate it.  It sucks the air out of the jar and seals the lid.  You do not need to put the screw rings on the jars.

Some of the finished product Food Saver Jar Sealer
Some of the finished product

The instructions say that if you follow their direction on how to remove the metal lids they are reusable. Though a bit of investigating we found out that you can store foods like nuts, candy, chocolate and spices for extended periods of time.

My wife packaged many of her spices in jars yesterday.  She kept small amounts out for everyday use.  As she uses these up, she will open a mason jar and refill her small containers.  The mason jar can then be refilled.

Tattler lids will work with the Food Saver Jar Sealer
Tattler lids will work with the Food Saver Jar Sealer

There are two attachments, one for large mouth and one for small mouth jars. You probably want both. Almost anything you can store in a FoodSaver bag can be stored in the jars.  As we continue to use this system, we will let you know if we run into any problems.

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6 thoughts on “FoodSaver Jar Sealer”

  1. Hi! Just found your blog today and saw this post on vacuum sealing. Just wanted to let you know that I wrote an article on Survival Blog which not only details my experience with vacuum sealing, but to tell people about an easy and inexpensive way to do this without needing a Foodsaver machine or electricity. It is a little $4.00 pump that Ziplock makes. Here is a link to the article:
    There is also a video on youtube that demonstrates it:
    There is also a great blog called Salad in a Jar that is currently working on a demo video as well. It should be out in a few weeks.
    I’m so excited about this method. It really helps to stretch the food dollars!

    1. I remember that article, Vicki, and tried your method. It works great and you can’t beat the price. The jars I vacuum sealed in May still retain their seal. Thanks for the tip.

      1. So glad you tried it and were successful. I hope you help spread the word about this easy and inexpensive way to do food storage!

  2. One thing I recently learned about vacuum sealing is that you need to do a bit of experimenting with how many pumps to do. Yes, it will seal with fewer pumps, but you can easily pry off the lid with your fingers. I found if you do extra pumps, the lid is more secure and very difficult to pry off – I use a church key bottle opener on the blunt end. Also, inventory your jars once a month if you intend for them to be in longer term storage. I have seen articles and videos that items sealed in jars will last several years. Just make sure that the seal is intact, and you will have great quality in the food items you have stored!

    1. If you do find a jar that has a seal failure, and you are checking them regularly, simply re-seal the jar if the contents are still fresh.

  3. I am using Foodsaver 4840 to preserve food by jar. It is so amazing that it can help me to save money. thank for your share.

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