Choosing A Good Sleeping Bag for After TEOTWAWKI

These last few days I have being giving some thoughts to sleeping bags.  Now whether you bug in or bug out, a sleeping bag can be your best friend in winter.  If you are stuck in a cold home with … Continue reading

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Can We as Individuals Learn From the Terrorist Attacks in Paris?

This morning some of my friends ran a tabletop exercise based on yesterday’s terrorist attacks in France.  First, I want to give my condolences and prayers to all of the victims their families and loved ones. Second, I want to … Continue reading

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Hunting and Plant Gathering After Nuclear Fallout

I was recently doing some research on radiation and came across some information in a government publication on gathering wild food after nuclear fallout.  This was written for the US military.  The first part talked about gathering packaged and canned … Continue reading

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Winterize your Home and Preps

It is November and we haven’t had much snow in the Sierra’s, all least for now the drought seems to be continuing.  However, the weather has been quite cold the last few days.  Some things indicate that the El Nino … Continue reading

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Things to Avoid When You Carry a Concealed Weapon

The following is a guest post from a contact that works for IDF Holsters.  I agree with everything he says about carrying a concealed weapon and want to add one more piece of advice.  The operative word is concealed.  Every … Continue reading

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Worms can be a Serious Medical Problem After TEOTWAWKI

When I was a child, I remember my mother always worrying and watching to see if we had worms.  Now this is something that I haven’t thought about in years.  But recently I have noticed a couple of articles about … Continue reading

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How to Dry and Smoke Meat and Fish for Storage

Whether you are smoking or drying large quantities of fish from a fish wheel or the meat from a large animal, like a moose, elk or cow, or a couple of rabbits the method is the same.  It is just … Continue reading

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Computer Failures, EMP and Other Infrastructure Collapses

We have all heard about EMP, CMP, Cyber attacks on the electrical grid and computer failures.  In the last few days, several things have come to my attention that are relevant to these subjects and at the same time show how … Continue reading

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Why You May Need a Typewriter in Your Preps

In recent days, I have been thinking about how we would share knowledge, communicate with each other and keep records of births, deaths, marriages and other important events.  Today we are spoiled by computers; they solve all of the above … Continue reading

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The Survivor Rocket Stove is the Greatest.

Earlier this year while I attended the Utah Prepare Conference and Expo, put on by the Utah State University Extension programs.  While there, I had to look at many new developments in new preparedness products.  One thing that particularly drew … Continue reading

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