More ideas on being a Successful Old Prepper

old prepper

The old can teach the young

The other day I wrote a blog on the realities of of being an old prepper. Some Helpful Tips for Older Preppers Understand that getting old doesn’t mean that we are done as preppers; it merely changes the ground rules.  Most of us older preppers have a family of younger people that we love and care about (if not create your own, adopt some).  Some of them may be preppers or at least leaning that way.  Some may not be established in their careers enough to financially do all they want to.

In my own family, I have grandchildren that fall into this category. …

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Cooking with A Wonder Box/Oven Thermal Cooker

wonder box/ovenSummer is fast approaching and so is the hot weather. My wife doesn’t like heat, so she is always concerned about heating up the kitchen when cooking. One of her tricks is to use the Wonder Box/Oven. This is a simple homemade thermal cooker. It not only helps to keep your kitchen cool, but it also saves you money on fuel.

They are basically a well-insulated box that holds a preheated pan and lets the food cook from the retained heat. At the bottom of the page are a couple of links that will help you to make one for yourself.…

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Using the 24-Hour Clock, Converting Civilian time to Military Time

Have you ever confused a meeting or appointment that was scheduled for 8 o’clock in the morning with one that was scheduled for 8 o’clock at night.  Now during normal times this is not much of a problem, but when you are working on a 24-hour schedule as the United States military does it can rapidly become a problem.  The solution to this is to use the militaries 24-hour clock.  It is simple to understand and anybody can learn it in a few minutes.

It is based on 24 hours and is a method of keeping time that runs from midnight to midnight and is divided into 24 one hour periods.…

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7 common misconceptions about wilderness survival

The following is a guest post that I found to be interesting.  It shows a few of the misconceptions that people have about wilderness survival.


Reality TV has made faux survivalists of too many of us. A lot of people probably believe that we’d be able to live through a life-threatening situation just because we’ve watched all the episodes of Man Vs. Wild and Survivorman. Despite what some people think, not everything you see on TV is true, and misplaced confidence will only get your ass killed. Here are a few common misconceptions about wilderness survival.


wilderness survival
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Some Helpful Tips for Older Preppers

older preppers

This old man was a prepper

By no stretch of the imagination am I a spring chicken, I am in my seventies and generally in good health.  Now I have been prepping for many years, close to fifty.  Years ago, I was much more physically fit and thought that bugging out on foot was the way to go.  Today I have had to temper a lot of my plans as I have gotten older and wiser.  I have become strong believer in the old saying that old age and treachery can overcome youth and skill.  Don’t underestimate older preppers.

Sure, we have different problems and many of us are not as mobile as we once were. …

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Crushed and Powdered Dehydrated Vegetables for Storage

powdered dehydrated vegetables

Crushed peppers

Many people forget that just storing food is not all it takes to be prepared for an emergency. Having your food taste good is also important.  Many of the foods that you have stored will have to be cooked from scratch.  Spices have a limited shelf life, but there are other ways to improve the taste of your foods.  So start thinking about using crushed and powdered dehydrated vegetables to improve their taste.

Vegetables flakes can be made by crushing dehydrated vegetables in a blender, (If you’re using a blender watch your speed, to fast and you will have powder instead of just bits and pieces) If the power is out you can use a rolling pin (just put   vegetables in a plastic bag and crush them.  …

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Worm Infestations can Effect Your health After TEOTWAWKI

worm infestations

Tapeworms can get up to several feet in length.

The other day I was talking to some young mothers who had never heard of people in this country worm infestations.  They found it hard to believe that they were common only 50 or 60 years ago.  When I was a child, I remember my mother always worrying and watching to see if we had worm infestations.

In talking to a few people, I find that they know very little about how to prevent or treat them.  One very common type of worm is the pinworm or threadworm which looks like a piece of cotton thread. …

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Trash, Looking at It with A Different Prospective

trashEvery now and then, I am asked what you do with your trash after a major disruption.  This last trash day, I was looking at the huge amount of trash that just our street generates and it got me to thinking.  So I starting looking and evaluating what’s thrown out compared to what people did in past years.

The truth is we have become a throwaway society, nothing is made to last.  Even thing like garden tools are replaced every few years with the latest new fad tool.  My father who is almost 93 is still using the same tools that he purchased 40 or 50 years ago and many of them were used at that time. …

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How to Keep Your Bug Out Bag Up to Date

bug out bagToday is a very busy day for me because one of my grandsons is getting married, so I have posted a guest blog to remind you to keep your bug out bag up to date.


Your bug out bag is more than just something that sits in the back of your closet or the trunk of your car to give you a nice warm fuzzy feeling when you go to sleep at night or watch the horror that is the evening news. You know it will save your life one day and you’ve gone above and beyond to do your research, get the best gear, and make sure you’ve got all the necessities and then some.…

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Waterless Hygiene and How to Keep Yourself Clean

waterles hygiene

These used to be in most bedrooms , so you could wash up.

Now there are numerous situations in which disaster could leave us short of water.  They could be just for a couple of hours or situations that lasted for months or even years.  Now this brings us to the topic of waterless hygiene.  I am assuming that you have only access to a limited amount of water.  Drinking and cooking will be your biggest priority.  But at the same time, you need to keep yourself clean.

Maintaining good hygiene helps to prevent disease and maintain good moral.  Today we are very spoiled; we take a shower just about everyday and use many gallons of water for other hygiene purposes during the day. …

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