Fittings for Emptying IBC Totes and Other Large Water Storage Containers

ibc totes

I have on several occasions suggested that the 275-gallon IBC totes are a good solution for storing water in a location in which you plan to stay during an emergency.  Several people have asked me how to get the water out of them.

As you may know, the IBC totes have a valve and a spout at the bottom.  The valve is plastic and while it seems to work ok, I wouldn’t trust it for everyday use.  But the spout is threaded with standard 2-inch pipe threads.

I make a simple fitting consisting of a

  • 2″ Female Adapter, Slip x FPT, PVC Schedule 40
  • 2″ x ¾” Reducer Bushing, SP x FPT, PVC Schedule 40
  • One ¾” brass faucet with hose bib
IBC tites

The arrow points to the cover over the end of the spout you need to remove to install the new fittings

You will also need some PVC schedule 40-pipe glue and a roll of Teflon tape.  Glue the reducing bushing into the female adaptor with PVC clue.  Screw the faucet into the reducing bushing using the Teflon tape.  When this is ready screw the whole fitting onto the spout on the IBC tote.

This gives you two valves at the bottom, the built in plastic one and the faucet.  If the plastic one fails, you still have the faucet.  With the faucet you can control the water flow and connect a garden hose if needed.  I always keep a water hose that is approved for domestic water.  You can get them at a good RV supplier.  This style of fitting can be used on any large water tank that has threaded fittings at or near the bottom

If you have any questions about the size of the threads, take the ring that holds the cover on the spout to the plumbing supply with you.

IBC totes

The finished fitting

IBC totes

The required fittings


While the IBC totes are heavy weighting around 2300 hundred pounds when full, they have a small footprint on the ground.  They only require a space approximately 48 x 40 inches in size and they can be stacked up to three high.  They are 46 inch high, so you can double stack them in many garages.

If you buy them used, just make sure you know what has been stored in them.



Fittings for Emptying IBC Totes and Other Large Water Storage Containers — 3 Comments

  1. I have several of these and have the exact setup that you described. Another reason why I like this site. Common sense answers. Thanks!!

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